Sunday, 19 December 2010

A Bleak Christmas

This poem was written for Flo. It started out being about loneliness at Christmas but ended up with you dying by being crushed by icicles! Oh well. Enjoy!

A Bleak Christmas

Lost amidst the shadows of her mind
Florence wept at the eternal loneliness
Looking upon the bustle and joy of companionship
That she would never be part of.

Safe in their homes
With their thick stews
And sweet apple pies
They look out onto a
“Winter Wonderland”
The festive flurries of snow
Turning the trees into a beautiful lattice
That covers the delicate sky

Yet Florence shivers
Cast out from the Motherland
And chips the tears from her face
Leaving it a bloody mess of skin and frost
Frozen and torn

The harsh biting wind
That throws needles deep into her marrow
And colours her lips the deepest blue
Florence stumbles numbly
Onto the black ice
The scorn she felt for people replaced
By sheer tiredness
That eradicates the black shroud
That clung tight around her heart

A row of icicles
Long gleaming and jagged
Like crystal daggers
Shatter and fall
Impaling Florence with tiny crimson flowers
In an act of stiricide

Cast out into the wild wasteland
Florence falls
Just another victim
To a bleak Christmas


  1. 1ST!!!

    Um... It really put me in the Christmas mood

  2. OMG EPIC!!!!!!!! It's amazing, but sad.

  3. It's been bleak on the blog without Flo and Octaboona there! Pyro was on for a while, which was nice. But now he is gone too! It's a very sad begining for Kallista Pendragon who misses her beloved friends despretely.

  4. Now that's impressive :)

    Thanks for writing a poem for me,im sorry that i want on the blog recently to read it, and its a good thing i check previous comments eh?

    Anyway thanks for the poem it is sad a bit like my christmas' but that's life and life isn't fair.

    Thank you i really do love your poetry its really good :)

  5. LOL La la la, sad lonely christmas, la la la, opss you got crushed, oh well! :P