Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Cat Among The Eagles

So I'm informed that I should post this poem by Pyro and to stop tweaking with it. So I've stopped tweaking. Because it is "already good enough and will you just post it already?" So I am. This poem is for Aquila. Hope you enjoy!

Cat Among The Eagles

An eagle soaring through the azure sky
Watches with sharp talons the mountain walls
She screeches, a loud and lonely piercing cry
And like a thunderbolt she falls

Queen of the heavens she rules supreme
With golden feathers and merciless eyes
Praying on the rabbits far below
She swoops and soars, then plunges, rises, flies

A cat as black as soot with golden eyes
Illuminates the darkness as she prowls
Padding gently through the violet night
Her purr replaced with soft yet menacing growls

Tail swishing back and forth
Prowling through the grass
Hunting down the birds and mice
With eyes that glint like glass

The cat looks up and sees the stars
And shadows flying over head
An aerie of eagles, commanding the skies
The cat longs to join them, and hover instead

So she thinks of the eagles
The strong sinewy wings
The cruel feathered head
The majesty of kings

And she changes her figure
Her body transformed
A shape shifting creature
Her magic performed

To alter her being
To whatever she desires
Aquila Felis joins the eagles
Just as she aspires

Eagle, human, feline, fox
Each shape seems so new
And as Aquila unites with avian comrades
She tumbles laughing through the pristine blue

Monday, 29 August 2011

Sweet Harte

Well as you may or may not know I have a list of people I want to write poems for. When I added Lenka to this list she was one of 9. When I wrote this poem she was one of 62. So I'm sorry for the amount of time it took to finally write it, but I hope you enjoy it. N.B. I've now written poems for 8 of these 9 poems. Orius Rove, I will write you a poem eventually, even if you no longer go on this blog and most likely will never read it. But I'll write it one day just the same.

Sweet Harte

By day she’s known as Lenka Sweet
By night as Jodi Harte
Though seemingly different people
They cannot be told apart

Though Jodi Harte is a con artist
Cold eyes of ocean blue
A rainbow clip in her ebony hair
Sarcastic, calm and true

Whilst Lenka Sweet, she always smiles
Delightful to her friends
Talented and awesome sauce
Her good skills have no end

Jodi Harte, her parents dead
She fights with twin sai swords
An elemental, loves to bake
And gather her rewards

Yet Lenka Sweet with wondrous taste
Starkids, SP, Glee
She loves to write, she does it well
An excellent fantasy

Jodi Harte is a twisted soul
Or maybe a broken mind
Though she isn’t evil, she isn’t good
She’s the hard to place gray area kind

Lenka Sweet is such a kind soul
So wonderful funny and weird
In the best type of way (it’s a good thing okay)
No wonder she’s often revered

Yet these twin personalities deeply entwined
Are actually one and the same
Jodi Harte is a mask for the Lenka beneath
A person to cope with the blame

For our dear Lenka Sweet who we love and adore
Has suffered tough times in the past
Though I don’t wish to mention them
I just want to say that your friendships with us are to last

For the friends that we make are so precious
Outlasting empires and more
So I’m glad you came back to be with us
Not a golden memory of yore

For Jodi and Lenka are treasures
So different and yet so the same
Both special and wondrous and brilliant
In the shadows, a burning bright flame


Friday, 26 August 2011

Gossamer Threads

So here's another poem for you all. Make of it what you will. I shall neither confirm or deny anything. :P

I hope you enjoy!

Gossamer Threads

A spider’s web of romance
So delicate and pure
Yet also incorrigibly tangled
 As we fall and we soar

Each strand is a person
Their love and their life
And my own strand began
 With a husband and wife

For a wonderful girl
So welcoming and kind
Ensured I belonged
Wouldn’t leave me behind

She rekindled my poetry
Which had long dormant lain
Thus helping to place me
And friendships to gain

As we danced in the moonlight
We suddenly knew
Our love for each other
Was real and true

Yet although others saw this
And were happy and hale
Another young man
Enters into my tale

A best friend to her
For many halcyon days
But he loved another
In our crossing of ways

He hugged her good night
Every night for a year
And I never suspected
A deep rooted fear

For his loved one departed
Without a good bye
Vanished from our little world
Fled through the sky

So in order to comfort him
And prevent him from harm
My loved one proposed to him
With elegant charm

Yet he asked my consent
So I willingly stepped aside
And gave them my blessing
As he took away my bride

Their wedding was splendid
As our friends across the world
All gathered together
As the marriage unfurled

We still loved each other
Like the sea tides do ebb
And then another gossamer thread
Wove into our web

She joined our small world
And her love was so strong
For our interests are shared
In books, music and song

And though I still loved the first
I loved her back too
And I filled up with anguish
What was I to do?

Do I go with my heart?
Do I go with my head?
In the end I chose neither
I chose nothing instead.

I would lock down my feelings
On my love I’d not act
For I couldn’t choose one
When the other would react

Though they both said it was nothing
And to be devoted to the other
Though both were so selfless
And their own love they’d smother

I knew that deep down
They would both feel the pain
If one were abandoned
Happiness they’d feign

So they both hid their love
For I knew in the end
I would have to accept them
As only a friend

I wish to return
To the man that she wed
For he now loved another
Who I’ve still left unsaid

This strand in my story
I don’t know much about
And I haven’t a clue
How that strand will turn out

Yet I know that the wedding
It ended. And sadly.
No longer together.
Their time ended badly.

For it put my first love
Through such anguish and loss
She felt so alone
At a terrible cost.

She believed that her friends
Would abandon her just
When she needed them most
As her life turned to dust

Yet her friends they stood by her
And I know she’ll recover
For I’m there for her always
As friend and as lover.

And though I love two
And the two both love me
How this web will turn out
Is a mystery to me.

For that’s still in the future
It all lies ahead
And so does the end
Of my gossamer thread.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Teddy Bear Massacre

Hmmm... yes. Poor teddy bears. But it all has a happy ending. Odd that. Normally there is no happy ending. But ummm HAPPY ENDINGS YAY!!!!!!! Enjoy!

The Teddy Bear Massacre

Sitting alone in a dark musty room
In the cold and the dank and the damp and the gloom
A young girl is howling from loss and from dread
Picks up a teddy bear, rips off its head.

Her name is Kallista, a beautiful goddess queen
Left alone in a lonely and terrible scene
With great mounds of teddy bears piled by her bed
She picks up one sadly and rips off its head.

As billows of stuffing fall from the ripped seam
And Kallista flits into an uneasy dream
Almost mechanically, finds a loose thread
Picks up the teddy bear, rips off its head.

This soft toy addiction to slash and destroy
To massacre teddy bears, with a strange savage joy
All stems from a moment where her lover fled
So she picks up a teddy bear, rips of its head.

Abandoned by someone she entrusted her heart
When he broke it to pieces and ripped it apart
Kallista was devastated wished she was dead
So she picked up her teddy bear, ripped off its head.

As millions of heads meet their end on the floor
And the stuffing runs thick as the bears are no more
She tries to recover that which was unsaid
So she picks it up numbly and rips off its head.

The unstaring eyes, so glassy and round
As the corpses of teddy bears litter the ground
All of them mutilated, none of them bled
But she picks up another and rips off its head.

 Yet none of the teddy bears lessen the pain
And the gaping big hole in her heart will remain
Be it blue, be it orange or purple or red
She picks up a teddy bear, rips off its head.

Stuck in a cycle, one without end
An eternity waiting for her heart to mend
To hasten the healing, a shred by a shred
She picks up a teddy bear, rips off its head.

Yet who is this person who stands in her sight?
Outlined by the shadows, outlined by the light.
And behind him more shadows, inside her room tread
As she picks up a teddy bear, rips off its head.

And as more of the people stride into the place
A tear starts to roll down her pale pretty face
For these are her friends and the one she would wed
As she picks up a teddy bear, rips off its head.

And as they lead her away from the dark musty room
With concern in their eyes at the dank and the gloom
They comfort Kallista (an instinct inbred)
As she picks up a teddy bear, rips off its head.

And suddenly Kallista is bursting with glee
As she comes to the end of her teddy bear spree
For she’s safe, with companions who lead her ahead
As she picks up a teddy bear, hugs it instead.