Sunday, 23 January 2011

Human Inferno

It's finally here! After over a month of being unable to write anything I have finally gained back some of my inspiration. So here is a poem I wrote for Leo Sparks. Or at least the evil version of him that I portray in the poem.

Human Inferno

A burning inferno
The flames lap against the golden skin
Sparks crackling and flying in perfect arcs
A fiery parabola of majesty
Yet deep in the core of the raging fire
In the bright white heart of the lightning
Is a man.

This unnatural being of human shape
Unscathed by the heat and the terrible power
The flesh uncharred, the hair untouched
The eyes sear with a blinding intensity
Globes of pure energy and magic
Windows to the soul of a god

Torrents of lightning erupt from his fingertips
Turning the clouds electric blue
As his body writhes with the pulses
That travel up and down his being

Sparks of deepest yellow play amongst his silky hair
Which stand on end in rigid splendour
And when he speaks the voice is harsh as the devastation
Left behind by ravenous beast he controls
Yet deeply alluring causing all who hear it to lust for his supremacy

He calls out his name to the world
“Leo Sparks”
And as the flames caress his body lovingly
Tenderly submitting to his might
A charred and blackened corpse
Ravaged by lightning, blistered and burnt
Falls from his arms

As the women let out her dying screams
Leo lapped at her life-force
And the flames grew a little brighter
And Leo a little taller and golden
And Leo smiled as another victim
Fell to his fiery charms.



    I have missed you and your poems! :(

    And I have no idea what Awesomesauce Incarnate means, so if you could just let me know, it would be much obliged