Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Into The Trap

Well I've been meaning to write poems about Skulduggery Pleasant characters ever since I joined the blog. But I've always been a bit scared on how they'll turn out. This is the first one that I found to be satisfactory. I'm still nervous about actually posting it. Not sure if it portrays her correctly. Constructive criticism is most definately wanted.


Into the Trap

The epitome of elegance
Iridescence incarnate
Magniloquent, delightful
The most beautiful woman in the world
Exquisite and delicate
Wondrous and breathtaking
She is paragon of perfection
Splendour unfurled

Purveyor of secrets of knowledge and power
Hoarder of artefacts, collector of tomes
Eyes of palest blue, hair blacker than a raven’s wing
Loquacious and sesquipedalian
Amorous, breathtaking
A libraryrinth is the heart of her homes

Adored by all who see her
Loved by each soul
She fills them with passion
They’re hers to control
She takes what she wants from them
For all they desire
Is to please China Sorrows
It’s what they aspire

Calm and collected
Never perturbed
How can one who knows everything
Ever be disturbed?

Never to be trusted
Don’t tell her your name
For all that she does
Is for her own gain

Neutral as always
Not one to act
No friends to fail
No lives to impact

Her magic is symbols
They’re all that she needs
From boiling a kettle
 Heals her when she bleeds

Ruthless and heartless
She’ll do what she must
To ensure her own safety
Through violence or lust

Her secrets her own
Her intents unknown
Yet to trust the untrustworthy
Is inevitably prone

Led the Diablerie
Worshiped cruel gods
Abandoned her beliefs
Against all the odds

Bliss was her brother
And though he is dead
China tried to kill him
Gods succeeded instead

For her deadliest secret
Her one single fear
The sentence that never
Should Skulduggery hear

“China Sorrows, China Sorrows
She’s the one
Nefarian Serpine killed Skulduggery Pleasant
But China Sorrows led his family
Into the trap”

Friday, 8 July 2011

The Poems That Had No Votes

Well the title is almost true. The first two poems got one vote each. But the rest had none.

Anyway enjoy the last 9 poems.

Poem 11- Lexicon Elixir (age 14)

Lexicon Elixir

I’m making a spectacular elixir
I’m using a vast lexicon
By the time I have finished the elixir
Most of the lexicon will be gone

I’ll start off nice and simple
But get ever more complicated
And by the time I’ve finished
You’ll be completely befuddled

My elixir shall have a box
Containing a fabulous paradox
And also winter’s equinox

Poem 14- Meteor- (age 14)


A flash of light enters the sky
As a rock with a blazing tale goes by
As a fiery rent breaks up the clouds
And a whistling sound is heard
A meteor

It’s surface is craggy with craters and hills
All burning with fire and lights
As they spread out behind it
In a rainbow of flames
A crackling inferno

And it shrinks as it travels
It gradually shrivels
To a rock
And it crashes into the Earth
With giant billows of dust
And expires

Poem 7- Finding a Nutterjack (age 14)- First in Nutterjack Quartet

Finding a Nutterjack

One day I found a Nutterjack
I don’t know what it is
But apparently I found one
As the poem says I did

Poem 18- Ode to a Nutterjack (age 14) Second poem in Nutterjack Quartet

Ode to A Nutterjack

I found another Nutterjack
To him I dedicate this ode
As I found out what a Nutterjack is
It’s simply a rare type of toad

Poem 31- The Nutterjack (age 14) Third poem in the Nutterjack Quartet

The Nutterjack

I keep on finding Nutterjacks
As this one brings it up to three
Instead of keeping it in a cage
I’ve let it roam wild and free

Poem 17- Nutterjacks Forever (age 14)- The final poem in the Nutterjack Quartet

Nutterjacks Forever

This is the last Nutterjack that I ever found
And with this I conclude all my odes
The Nutterjacks survived till the end of the world
And my next poem’s all about toads.

Poem 21- Poppies (age 14)


As the blood red poppies bob in the breeze
Sprinkled through the fields of corn
They are joyful and happy
Swaying in the dawn
Of the summer skies

The individual petals
Crimson like cherries
Form a flower
As beautiful as the prairies
From whence they came

Poem 24- Seven Wonders (age 14)

Seven Wonders

The Mausoleum of Maussollos
And down in Rhodes we’ve a Colossus
There is the Temple of Artemis
While Egypt has Great Pyramids
We’ve three more wanders that’s the truth
A statue of the Great God Zeus
We also have a great idea
A lighthouse in Alexandria
Our final wonder the very last one
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Poem 29- The Iceberg (age 14)

The Iceberg

Its sereneness and beauty is not what it seems
As it floats on a sea, crystal clear
As above it is white as a pearl, shining bright
But below it it chaos and fear

Let us take the unsinkable ship, (but it sank)
The ship that was known as The Titanic
It was steaming along with no fear in the world
Iceberg hits, and there’s terror and panic

So there you have it. Those are the 40 poems written before I joined the blog. You have now seen every poem I've ever written (sort of. Remember the 22 I'm not sharing? Yet.) I hope you had fun reading them all.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

A Magic Beyond All We Teach Here

Well. This poem is for Quinnera and is in reply for a wonderful poem about me that she wrote.
This poem has many many references. In fact the poem is probably more reference than poem. I couldn't have fit in any more references if I tried (I know because I tried). Whoever can find all the references wins a prize! (You must quote the line and what it references to be eligible). There are 23 hidden away. Yes. 23. Anway I hope you enjoy it. (Well if you count the things being referenced to then there's only 22- one thing is refered to twice.)

A Magic Beyond All We Teach Here

I accept your gracious offer
Of this wondrous glorious flight
We will always be together
Through brightest day and blackest night

We’d soar throughout the stars
We’d visit every one
And the crimson sphere of Mars
Is where our trip had just begun

With that visit to Pigfarts
But we wouldn’t teach plain old wizardry
Let us teach the greater magics
Those of music and of poetry

Of course we’d ride upon the back
Of lion Rumbleroar
 Along with Albus Percival Wulfric
 Brian Dumbledore

No words can be more meaningful
Than Nitwit Blubber Oddment Tweak
Are any words more beautiful?
More moving? More oblique?       

Except for doorknob ankle cold
Those words are rather grand
Though I doubt that anybody else
Will truly understand

And of course we’d fly with golden wings
It’s the best way to glide
The only way to flutter
And the way with the most pride

We’d land upon that sandy shore
The Elvianic Coast
And dance amongst the fireflies
Where the petals are purpler than most

Differences in habit and language
Mean nothing at all
For both are hearts are open
And our aims identical

If you prick us we both bleed
And we both succumb to greed
Our little lives are both rounded with sleep
Our bounties are as boundless as the sea
Our love as deep
I wonder when we’ll meet again?
In thunder, lightning or in rain?

We’d visit the sapphire cascade
And the amaranth shore
The cities of Nuevo Maya
And many places more

For the sky is not the limit
When there are footprints on the moon
We can fly beyond the sun
To Empire Quetzal Acratoon

When you can have all with just a few words
It matters not the goal
It’s the journey that’s required
For the growth of mind and soul

So I’ll fly with you forever
To the cerulean ravine
Or the long abandoned towers
With their glowing pearly sheen

It’s our choices not abilities
That make us who we are
It’s the flying, not the poems
Elviana Quinnera

Though my skill with words is great
What matters more by far
Is I chose to be your partner
Who will soar to every star

My first name’s what I do
And my last name’s what I love
Therefore Poet Elviana
Is my actual name, my dove

If I’ve caused you to have doubts
No matter what I do
Remember then, my choice today
I chose to fly with you

For although an end is good to have
My dearest darling Quinn
Though our poems both are over
Let the journey now begin

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A Third Helping of Old Poetry

Well here are 10 more poems (the ones with 2-3 votes). Enjoy!

Poem 30- The Misty Valley (age 14)

The Misty Valley

In a valley of mists
There lies a lake
Surrounded by mountains
Whose snowy peaks
Pierce the foggy skies
And the lake shimmers
Ripples spreading across its surface
With plains of green grass
Carpeting the valley floor

Poem 39- Wind and Cloud (age 14)

Wind and cloud

In the swirling winds that spread through the air
Above the pale pink clouds
A castle of air stands
Almost invisible against the background of the sky
Seen only by the shimmers and glimmers
Of the sun reflected of the battlements
And their lives in this airy castle
A figure of clouds
A giant that controls the winds that blow
Across the surface of the earth
When tranquil he is made of clouds pure white
But angered he is storm clouds forbidding
With lightening flickering through his hair
And he and his castle stand eternal
Against the power of the winds of fury

Poem 40- Wind and Waves (age 14)

Wind and Waves

A gushing vortex in the deep green sea
With foam and froth that crash against the rock
A rupture in the eternal void
Of the infinite stretch of waters
As the waves crash onto the shore
Whipped up by the wind and storm
The sea is angered
Pouring itself on the land
But its anger is brief
The sea is calm and gentle
With waves that lap lovingly against the shore
The sea is patient
Gradually wearing away
At the substance of the cliffs
The sea is eternal
With many moods and tempers
The sea is varied but unchangeable
It is as unknowable as the future
But one thing does not change
Through out its many moods and tempers
Be it anger or calmness
The sea is powerful.

Poem 1- A Cento- (age 14) This is the type of poem made up of lines from other poems. I didn't come up with these lines I only put them together.

A Cento- Death in Nature

Do not stand at my grave and weep
Nothing remains. Round the decay
And miles to go before I sleep
While barrèd clouds bloom the soft dying day

I hear it in the deep heart’s core
‘Neath the starred and leafy sky
Its melancholy, long withdrawing roar
I am not there. I did not die.

Poem 12- Light (age 14)


I am the wielder of hope
I control joy and love
I am in charge of peace
From me all of these are born
For I am light, I’m good itself
And although I am weakened
I shall prevail in the end

Poem 16- No Rules For Me (age 11)- This was the poem I had to write for homework.

No Rules For Me

Firstly if I had no rules I would have no bedtime
Because we could have fun and play all night

There would be no wars
Because people get killed and people are sad

There would be no mugging
Because you lose belongings like your mobile phone

There would be no school clothes
So you could chose what you wanted

Isn’t that great

There would be no cabbage or Brussels Sprouts
Because they taste horrible

There would be no cleaning teeth
So dentists get lots more people

I would save the wild
Because they didn’t do anyone any harm

I would own an elephant
So I could ride it to school

Isn’t that fun

I would get every single book in the world for free
As I love books

I would change all my grades into A+’s
So my parents would think I’m super intelligent

I would rob banks
So I could get rich

And I wouldn’t ever write a poem like this one
Because they never come true

Oops!!!!! I’ve just written one, haven’t I?

Poem 26- Sunrise (age 14)


The sky is a sheet coloured indigo blue
All sprinkled with shining white stars
As the inky blackness drains away
And a faint sheen of pink appears

This faint sheen of pink
Once fragile and frail
Gets stronger and brighter
And clouds gather to hail

The blinding yellow orb
That appears on the rim
Of a pink yellow sky
The sun rises

And a new day begins
With sunrise

Poem 28- The Child and the Witch (age 14)

The child and the witch

Run child run
The witch doeth come
Through starry skies of frost and dew
The witch is coming after you

The child sobbed he ran with fear
He ran so fast his feet sprout wings
He flew ‘til he was a distant speck
But still the witch came after him

The witch was flying on her broom
She cackled loudly “thou art doomed!”
He few so fast but even still
Upon his back a shadow loomed

Mere minutes pass the child doeth tire
While on her broom the witch flies fast
A crunching noise then silence
Now the child’s a remnant of the past

Poem 32- The Obvious (age 10)- The second earliest poem I ever wrote based upon a poem called "A Guinea Pig"

The Obvious

One day I saw a big bold bear
Who being bold I could not scare
As he was wet he wasn’t dry
As he was a bear, he wasn’t a fly
As he was big he was not small
As he was dumb he had no sense at all
As he was brown he was not pink
When he went for a swim he did not sink
When he was fasting he did not eat
As he couldn’t fly he used his feet
As he was young he wasn’t old
As he was alive he was not gold
Although his roars were very violent
He never roared when he was silent
As he wasn’t clever he was often fooled
As he had hair he was not bald
When he moved he wasn’t still
As he was healthy he wasn’t ill
He found some money and bought some meat
As it wasn’t expensive it must have been cheap
When he was sad he often cried
One day he took a whim and died
And when I met a men of sense
He told me he hadn’t been living since
Now he is dead and not alive
He died at the age of ninety five.

Poem 38- Violets (age 14)


In mossy dells
Besides a brook
That burbles full of joy

A lonely violet
Pokes up her head
She’s felling shy and coy

A beautiful thing
A shapely flower
With stripes of white and purple

Through sun and rain
She grows up tall
With oak trees, moss and maple