Friday, 3 December 2010

Kallista's Feast

Welcome to my blog which apparently does exist. For those of you who follow Derek Landy Blogs Under Duress (an amazing blog) I am posting my poems about you.

The first one is called Kallista's Feast. Kallista, you were the one who started this all and I'm honoured you like it so much.

Kallista’s Feast

A goddess amongst human kind
With skin as pale as snow
Whose eyes of ice stared harshly down
At all that lay below

Her aura was of lavender
Its shine lit up the night
Kallista hair of silken gold
Outraced the birds in flight

Yet Kallista, The Silver Queen
She ate the fruit of Goblin Men
And sickened lay there gasping
In a frosty forest glen

She dined on sticky golden blood
On scarlet roses crushed in mud
She drank the tears of a million slaves
And powdered bones from hallowed graves

Yet none of these would cure the pain
The Goblin Men had wrought
And slowly Kallista did pale
And sat there lost in thought

Until at last she built a pyre
Set herself alight
And as the smoke and flame rose higher
Her silent screams did feed the fire

Suddenly the flames did die
The dust and ash obscured the sky
Kallista joined the Doves of War
And wandered night’s plutonian shore



    Have reacted the same way every time I read it!

    *jaw drops in awe*

    That's so beautiful and tragic! You are BRILLIANT Octaboona!!!!!!

    *epic scream*


    *stands and applaudes*

    My favorite poem!!!!!

  2. Oh that's WONDERFUL!!!!
    Truly AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

    So pretty... And so sad...
    Poor Kallista...


  3. I don't know if you will ever see this request. I feel hesitant in asking it of you in the 1st place. You have so much to do and to think about. You also have done so much for me. I am so happy and grateful! *hugs him tightly*
    But back to the point, my request. I love this poem with all my heart and treasure it. Yet when you did it,you knew so little about me. In many of the other poems you put so much heart into them and include the Purple Poet. I am a bit jealous and wonder if I can have another poem, It can be sad, bitter sweet, funny, a combo of these things. I just hope for another poem. I hope I don't burden you or cause you any distress in asking my love.
    *holds him tightly*
    It's ok if you can't do it right now or at all my love. I just wanted to ask you. :)

  4. Oh my love! *hugs tightly* I don't know if you'll see this reply but of course I can write you another poem. I don't know when (hopefully sometime today if possible). I wrote that poem after knowing you for what two days?

    So I shall write you another poem. I hope you'll love it :)