Wednesday, 29 August 2012

It Matters To Me

So this is something that has been drifting around in the back of my mind for a while. I hope you enjoy it.

It Matters To Me

People ask me about poetry
“What’s the point?”
“It’s a waste.”
“They make no sense.”
So I’ll try to explain
How, who, what, where, when, why
Why they matter, they matter to me.

Paintings can be seen
A sonata can be heard
A dessert can be tasted
And a sculpture can be touched
Yet poetry does not appeal to the senses
It is something that you know
Stirring the emotions
Letting them bubble and froth and soar
Raising them up and then sending them tumbling down
Pain and anger, laughter and love
Forming human connections
This is how I feel, who I am, what I think
And now I’ve shared it with you in the hope that you will feel the same
And if you find something different in it, a message that reverberates for you
Then that is amazing too.
Reaching out to those I love and others I don’t even know
Stretching the imagination to the limit
Crafting words and playing with language
For the sheer acapurble of it
The k’nack, the oiyr and gazoosh
Simply because I can.
In the hope.
That it means something.
To you.


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

"News" Does Not Make An Interesting Title

 Yes. This post is all about news. And possibly orange juice.

Firstly "The Elviana Shore" has been accepted for publication on 31st October. I'll post pictures round about that time. :D

Girstly I'll be attending Derek's book signing at Bluewater on 9th September. I know that Lenka and Ven will be going but if anyone else is then let me know and I'll look out for you. On that note if there's anything you want to say to Derek, any questions or messages or whatever then let me know and hopefully I'll be able to pass them on.

Hirstly Kingdom of the Wicked was really awesome. And if you live in the UK then check the bookshops. Some have released it early. YAY!

Zirstly sorry for the lack of poems and stories. I just don't feel very creative recently.

Binally I want to do someting like this: Maybe a Nerdfighter based one. List any places that you think have any importance to Nerdfighteria in the comments. So far I have "The Bean" in Chicago (The Beckoning of Lovely), Hank/John's house/past houses/The island where the Evil Baby Orphanage will be built. Also Amsterdam (TFIOS) and I'll look up other places in John's other books.

Finally. Froop is not a word.