Sunday, 17 March 2013

Inside Another's Eyes

This poem went in a much more macabre direction than I started out at. Inspired by "Today I'll Sit Still" by Ernesto Trejo. Many thanks to Thalia for bringing the poem to my attention. I hope you enjoy.

Inside Another’s Eyes

Trapped inside another person’s echo
Remembering memories I have never known
With unfamiliar faces
Haunting unfamiliar places
And the strangest of those faces is my own

I want to scale the cavern of my skull
And take my heartbeat softly by surprise
And be the sky inside my mortal eyes
And be the sky inside my mortal eyes

I try to swim the river of my blood
Or whatever liquor courses through these veins
With those ever fizzing bubbles
That embodies all my troubles
Til they burst inside another person’s brain

I want to blow away the dust that settles on my heart
That spluttering chokes it to one last demise
And be the sky inside my tear pricked eyes
And be the sky inside my tear pricked eyes

I want to grow inside myself
 Be impossible to contain
Yet I am restrained
For someone else is me
Someone who doesn’t know how to be
And both of us are unhappy

I want to nagivate the maze of my ribs
Picked clean by scuttling ants and buzzing flies
And be the sky inside my former eyes
And be the sky inside my former eyes

Monday, 4 March 2013

March Fourth

So I know that May 4th is Star Wars Day. But I realised that there is another month that is also a word and that month is March. So I think that today, March 4th, should also be a holiday. A holiday where we tell our family that we love them but tell ourselves we are loved too. A day to make dreams to achieve and to make ourselves better people than the day before. A day to be proud of who we are and let the world know we are proud. A day you may say to March Fourth. I hope you enjoy.

March Fourth

Let today be the day
You March Fourth
The day you try to achieve your dreams
Hold your head up high
Be proud of who you are
For today is a day
Where no one should loathe you
Just for being you
And I’m sorry if they do
But their words are not true
Today is a day of improvement
Where I desire to aspire
To be just a little better
Than the day before
Today I tell my family
How much I love them
Need them,
Take them for granted
Hope the best for them
Because they mean the world to me
And I count myself lucky
That they feel the same way about me
Today is the day
That I smile a little brighter
Hug a little tighter
Feel happy at a friend’s success
Today is the day I March Fourth
And may you all be there by my side
Because when we are together
We have pride.