Tuesday, 14 December 2010

As Mad As A Hatter

This was written for Skulgirl. You are awesome and insane. I think I have finally worked out how to climb inside people's brains and reflect their personality in my poetry.

As Mad As A Hatter

She’s as mad as a hatter
Completely insane
She’s batty. She’s crazy.
She’s got mice in her brain.

But Skulgirl just grinned
And looked up at her hat
Which was tall and quite baggy
And battered and flat

And she said with a smile
Of course I am mad
All the best people are
And it makes life less sad.

Yes I live in a teapot!
I like to eat mice
And I don’t own a fez
And I like to drink rice.

For within her large hat
That she wore on her head
She kept thirteen skulls
From the foot of her bed.

And she talked to them often
I do not deny
Excepting for Ethel
(Of course you know why).

For Ethel is rude
And she’s yellow and old
With blood on her eye socket
Covered in mould.

And she cackled with glee
When the scary men came
In their neon white coats
And their dreary long name.

With a dusty white van
To take her away
Instead Skulgirl laughed
And ran off on a tray.

And she said to her skulls
I am perfectly sane
Look I just made a joke!
Shall I say it again?

I am sane!
I am sane!
I am sane!
I am sane!

For I’m perfectly happy
To talk with my friends
Though they may be unusual
It really depends

On whether a raven
Can sing in the dark
And if so can a writing desk
Walk through a park.

And although you may scorn me
My secret is this.
With knowledge come spoons
And with apples comes bliss!


  1. THAT.......IS.........SUCH.........AN........AWESOME.......POEM.....

    I am in awe of your otherworldly skill with words! You put them together so fluidly, i just cannot compare at all!

    Is there a particular poetry pattern that you follow, i notice the four-line and rhyming, but is there a particular style involved? Because when i write poetry i dont really follow any style, no rhyming, no set lines or length...

    Oh and if you could read my stories and let me know what you think, it would be greatly appreciated, and i know there are many mistakes, i dont edit you see, simply write and post :D

    Good day to you sir,

  2. Hii, just found your blog through wandering through comments on Derek Landy's blog, and just have to let you know, I Love this poem! :D Made me laugh a lot.

    Have a follow my dear, for your poems are good :)

  3. Okaayy.. I'm not sure what's going on. I clicked follow and it seems to have made up an account =/ There is no eleanorhughes4 on blogspot. I'm at www.ellywithawhy.blogspot.com ..not sure what was going on there, but I am actually following you now.. sorry about this D:

  4. I've just read your poem,
    I think it's quite nice,
    but I have to say,
    I don't like eating mice.