Thursday, 25 October 2012

Another Small Step

I am really happy to make this post. This book arrived six days earlier than I was expecting :D

It is another poetry book containing The Elviana Shore.

Here are some pictures.


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My Dreams Are Simple

I really like this poem. I was in tears by the time I reached the end. Again I'm sharing with you a little piece of my heart. Love is a human right and rights should never be put to a vote. But since they are if anyone lives in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota or Washington and are old enough to vote (or know someone old enough to vote) please vote to give others like me the right to love.

My Dreams Are Simple

My dreams are simple
My dreams are few
So easy to grant
Bring great joy if you do

I want to fall in love
Share our first kiss
Think of him always
Heart bursting with bliss

Get down on one knee
Propose sweetly and gently caress
And cry with laughter
When he says yes

Come the wedding day
Walk down the aisle
I love how his face
Is too small for his smile

My husband for life
My world is now perfect with you
Find a home, settle down
Raise a child or two

Wipe away their tears when they cry
Read them a story
Put them to bed
Sing them to sleep with a lullaby

Watch them grow
Watch them learn
As they explore the unknown
As they go off to uni
And raise children of their own

Then sit by the fire
My head in his lap
Him reading to me
As I begin to nap
And after a night of making love
Change the drenched sheets
Hold him close to my heart
Listen to him breathe whilst he sleeps

Grow old together
Look back on a life lived well
And mourn when my love is taken from me
Or me from him
Only time will tell

Yet these dreams remain beyond me
I am destined to remain alone
For my rights are held in chains
By people who want me to atone

“Somebody please think of the children”
“I believe in God and in Jesus”
“Your life would infringe on my religious liberties”
“I love you the way I love murderers”

All of these reasons are given
For why my love must be forbidden
Yet the real reason is to my eternal dismay
I make people uncomfortable by being gay

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Use Your Words

Life is all about words. We use them for everything and find them everywhere. Magical wonderful words. This poem expresses merely a fraction of what we do with our words. Enjoy :D

Use Your Words

Words are the most powerful thing we have
We use them to create entire universes
For every book is a world.
And every world contains books.
Containing worlds containing books containing worlds.
And so on in an infinite spiral
Of pages and ink and creation.
Even our own universe began with a word
God said “Let there be light”
And there was light.

Words have a magic of their own
To communicate our thoughts and hopes and feelings
To anyone and everyone from a best friend
To a stranger on the other side of the Earth.
We use our words to express emotions
Anger and love and longing and fear
Voices crying out
To anyone who’ll hear.

We use our words to save lives.
Bringing someone back from the brink of suicide.
Or to push them over the edge
And end it.

To taunt and tease and bully.
To maim and shame and hurt.
We can use them to be cruel
Or kind.
For good or for bad.
For better or for worse.

The greatest advances in technology
All to do with words.
The advent of language, writing, printing,
Radio, television, the internet
Sharing our voices
Spreading them further and further
Into the very depths of space
And the heart and mind and soul.

The pen is mightier than the sword
And even the sword.
Contains the word.
And what are words but the greatest action of them all?
For without our voices
No one would know that action is needed

Words. Words. Words.

We whisper and mumble, reply and express
We roar and we question, query and digress
Interrupt, shout, stutter, convey
We’ve countless ways to articulate “say”

Starting battles
Ending wars
Uniting and dividing
Forever multiplying
Words are magical
Our consciousness and our soul.
Take away my words
I’m no longer whole

Ignoring a person
Cutting them out
No longer interacting
In the flow of words
And what is death
But the final fullstop?
The end of the page.
And those who continue
Their grief and consolation
All expressed through our words
And we remember them
Through their quotations.
History. Science. Politics.
Words upon words upon more words.
If ever asked the question
What is humanity?
And what is the highest pinnacle of our species?
Humanity is a story.
And the greatest thing we own
Are our words.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Real As Rage

Real as Rage


Send entry in
I never win

What’s the big deal?
Too abstract
People want to relate
Facts not fantasy
Write about something that’s real
Then you’ve appeal

Be direct
Well I can’t get more direct than this
Hey you! Yes you!
I’ve a message to share
I don’t care
I’ll write what I like
Whole new worlds
Don’t need to address the situation
In some war torn poverty struck nation
Facing devastation
Watch me soar
Watch me roar
On some alien shore
Characters galore
And I’ve plenty more
Where that came from.

Please appreciate
Try to relate
The message is there
If you want it to be
You see
My poetry is what you make it
How you shape it and take it
I’m letting you know how I feel
Hope that it’s real enough
For your anti-fiction addiction
But enough of my rage
I’m reaching the end of the page
Will probably end it

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Oh The Places You'll Go

Books are so amazing. Hope you enjoy the poem.

Oh The Places You’ll Go

I read my way through stories
Which saturate my soul
And I long that I could be there
Through those magic lands I’d stroll

I’d love to see the Isle of Berk
In the Barbaric Archipelago
Where Vikings sang and dragons flew
Through skies I’m sure I’d know

Or Hogwarts Castle shining bright
Against the backdrop of the night
And stare up at lake sodden stars
And point at light blue flying cars

Or walk along the great stone Wall
With talking cats and living Dead
Whilst 1920s England doth reside
Upon the other side

Through Ancient Rome
With kid detectives
Or the ruins of London
With zombies infective

Great cities trundle
Through muddy wastes
Pursued by a girl with
A ruined face

Twelve year old genius
Almost starts a war
With the race of fairies
Beneath the floor

Seven demesnes
Seven Trustees
Combined form the House
Ruled with seven keys

A million fictions
I long to explore
When I no longer watch
But step through a door