Monday, 28 February 2011

The Nightmare Child

This poem is random and I hope creepy. The idea of it freaks me out although the freaky feeling doesn't seem to have made it from the idea to the poem. But if it has then don't blame me for any emotional scarring recieved. Enjoy!

The Nightmare Child

It roams across the galaxy
Devouring planets and civilizations
A giant sentient weapon
A horror, a freak
A remnant of a long forgotten war

 Some call it the Destroyer
Others the Abomination
Few call it the Deplorable Being
But most call it the Nightmare Child

Vaguely humanoid but nothing like
A mutant experiment, abandoned by both sides
Born from rage, insanity, fire and fear
Still it wreaks havoc amongst the stars

A monstrous creation from hatred and grief
From ice and death, pitch and madness
When it approaches, it fills the endless skies
Its tears of blood fall as rain
Bringing pure unadulterated fear and anguish
Terror, pain and nightmares in its wake

A portent of cataclysmic doom
Of ravaging wars
A sign of silver devastation
Mutually assured destruction
The deep dark depths of oblivion
Of the end of everything
The rise of nothing

Part flesh, part shadow
A fusion of innocence and darkness
It rots and oozes
Pallid, pale and clammy,
It hides in the shadows
Screaming an eerie, shrill cry
Of loneliness and abandonment

Its face is hideous beyond description
Scarred and ripped
A leering gash across its face acts as a mouth
Empty eye sockets weep with yellow pus
Teeth filed to needle points
Slits in the head form a nose
And from the jaws of the Nightmare Child a stench of decay
Of oozing blackness, warm fetid death, gloam and evil

The expression of tiredness, drawn, pinched and reproachful
A longing to belong, of loneliness and bewilderment
Are beyond the human mind to bear, to comprehend, to even see
And all are driven to despair who enter its gaping jaws.

It was there at the fall of Arcadia
The death of the Could Be King
A five year old child, murdering millions
 Unaware of the specks of life perishing
As it explores the universe, inquisitive, distressed

The Nightmare Child
Soulless, friendless, without love or joy
The shadows writhe and squirm around its malleable grey bones
Through the gaping holes in its body
An impossible thing
To terrible to conceive
The fabric of nightmares.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Armies of Radiance

Another month of nothing from Octaboona has ended. But don't fear! For I've finally written Pyro his poem. And yes I was very nice about you. Enjoy. 

Armies of Radiance

A shadowy figure stands on high
A black silhouette against the crimson sky
Looking down over his teeming armies
As dawn appears in amber brilliance
The deep red orb of a giant sun
Bursts through the horizon
Rays of orange and bronze
Fall upon the Master of the Sands
Pyro Dawn Tyromant. Lord of the Armies of the Desert Sun

A shining being of gleaming copper
With skin of a golden glow
Supreme Eminence over his shifting multitudes
Spirits of sand and men of dust
Forming an unfathomable storm
They strip the moisture from the very air
As their desert realm encroaches upon the plains
At their head a metal deity of amber, bronze and spiralling yellow
A dazzling corona surrounds him
Pyro Dawn Tyromant. Lord of the Armies of the Desert Sun.

A proud and arrogant leader
A Blaze of Radiance
Twin torrents of fire stream from his gauntleted hands
Burning their way through the cerulean heavens
Clouds of crackling white lightning
Rotate far above in a flame filled inferno
And in the epicentre of the power and madness
A tempest of soldiers, sand men, sphinxes
Stretch from coast to coast in a choking cloud
Ready to roll at the will of
Pyro Dawn Tyromant. Lord of the Armies of the Desert Sun.

In the midst of the cacophony
In the heart of the star
In the jaws of the Nightmare Child
Lies the brightest jewel, the bravest man, commander of the dunes
King of the Wilder west
He hovers in his harsh rage filled dreams
An aura of corrosive steam
A halo of plummeting stars
Encircle the god from the core of the earth
Pyro Dawn Tyromant. Lord of the Armies of the Desert Sun.