Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Prizes and Stuff

N.B Before I start this post my post labelled Lamentations of the Living now has a poem in it. Please go read it.

Well I'm approaching 5000 views on my blog. YAY! According to calculations on average views a day and stuff it should be about a week until I reach 5000. Which is an awful lot of views. So as a prize to you guys whose views have contribued to this total, I will be posting 10 new poems. And you get to choose! Huzzah! Before joining this blog I'd written 62 poems over about 5 years. From the age of 10 or so. And I was rereading some of them and I thought I'd share 10 with you. Now 22 of them I won't be sharing until I get published *fingers crossed* as if I do ever get published and for some reason you may actually buy it *puppy eyes everyone* then I need some poems thatv you haven't read. So the 22 best of those poems I'm keeping for myself. So the 40 that remain are I suppose my early attempts at poetry, when I wasn't as good a poet as I am now.

So what will happen is I'll post the titles of the 40 poems, the age/date I wrote them and a little fact about each poem. You guys then choose 10 and vote for them in the comments and when I reach 5000 views, the 10 most voted for I'll share with you all.

1. A Cento- written aged 13/14 I think. This type of poem is when you take one line from a poem by other authors and make your own poem from those lines. This one is my only attempt at this poetry form.

2. Ancient Wonders- written 09/02/2009 (aged 14)- This poem is about the 7 wonders of the world.

3. Call of the Morning- written 31/05/2009 (aged 14)- This poem is about the world when it awakens.

4. Darkness- written 16/06/2009 (aged 14)- A rather gloomy poem about darkness and destruction and stuff.

5. Epilepsy- written 22/01/2009 (aged 14)- Written in the style of Roald Dahl's Oompa Loompa songs from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, this poem describes my experience of epilepsy.

6. Eye of the Storm- written 20/01/2009 (aged 14)- This poem describes the calmness in the centre of a tornado.

7. Finding a Nutterjack- written  20/01/2009 (aged 14)- This extremely short poem is the first of 4 poems about nutterjacks.

8. I Dreamt About The World's Destruction- written 16/06/2006 (aged 11) This poem is the first poem that I had published. The content is self explanatory really.

9. I wandered lonely as a fish- written 10/06/2009 (aged 14)- A parody of Wordsworth's Daffodils. A rather humorous poem.

10. Inferno- written 16/06/2009 (aged 14)- This poem is about a phoenix.

11. Lexicon Elixir- written 08/06/2009 (aged 14)- This uncompleted poem was really me just trying to use loads of fancy words that rhymed.

12. Light- written 16/06/2009 (aged 14)- This poem is the opposite to the poem Darkness.

13. Lost for words- written 22/01/2009 (aged 14)- Another attempt to use lots of sophistacated vocabulary. Only completed this time.

14. Meteor- written 21/01/2009 (aged 14)- My description of a meteor.

15. Mud- written 16/06/2009 (aged 14)- This poem is about mud. And people suffocating in it. Lovely.

16. No Rules For Me- written 13/09/2006 (aged 11)- This is the only poem that I had to write for homework that is in the 40. It was also the first poem I had to write for homework (the other 2 being in the 22 I'm not sharing).

17. Nutterjacks Forever-  written 20/01/2009 (aged 14)- This is the fourth and final poem in the Nutterjacks series.

18. Ode to a Nutterjack- written  20/01/2009 (aged 14)- This is the second poem in the Nutterjack Quartet.

19. Over The Edge- written 29/08/2009 (aged 14)- This poem is about a waterfall

20. Ozymandias- written 11/11/2009 (aged 14)- This is a clerihew about Ozymandias.

21. Poppies- written 29/05 2009 (aged 14)- A poem about poppies.

22.  Power of Ice- written 09/02/2009 (aged 14)- A grim and mysterious poem about frozen wastes.

23. Sapphire- written 22/01/2009 (aged 14)- A poem about sapphires and how they came to be.

24. Seven Wonders- written 10/02/2009 (aged 14)- Another poem about the 7 wonders of the world. But shorter and less descriptive.

25. Spy of Evil- written 26/04/2009 (aged 14)- Ummm this was written during my let's take over the universe and destroy it phase.

26. Sunrise- written 20/01/2009 (aged 14)- A poem describing sunrise

27. Sunset- written 21/01/2009 (aged 14)- A poem describing sunset

28. The Child and the Witch- written 22/01/2009 (aged 14)- A poem about a witch eating a child.

29. The Iceberg- written 20/01/2009 (aged 14)- Iceberg meets Titanic

30. The Misty Valley- written 29/05/2009 (aged 14)- A poem about valleys. And mist.

31. The Nutterjack- written 20/01/2009 (aged 14)- The third poem in the nutterjack quartet.

32. The Obvious- written 28/09/2005 (aged 10)- The second earliest poem that I still have- this poem is based upon A Guinea Pig.

33. The Shark- written 10/06/2009 (aged 14)- A poem about a shark- but with a twist at the end.

34. The Treacherous Brother- written 29/01/2010 (aged 15)- A poem I wrote about Pyro when I was very very very mad at him.

35. The Tree- written 18/01/2009 (aged 14)- A humourous poem about an undefeatable tree.

36. The Winkle Wonk- written 28/08/2005 (aged 10). This poem is the first poem I ever wrote. Yes. The FIRST ONE EVER. It's a nonsense poem inspired either by Spike Milligan, Edward Lear, both combined, or neither of them. I can't remember anymore.

37. Veni Vedi Visa- written 11/06/2009 (aged 14). A poem about Julius Ceasar and his famous quote.

38. Violets- written 22/01/2009 (aged 14)- A poem about the sweetness of nature.

39. Wind and Cloud- written 16/06/2009 (aged 14)- A poem about castles in clouds.

40. Wind and Waves- written 16/06/2009 (aged 14)- A poem about the sea in all its many moods and tempers.

Phew. There. Done. Now all you need to do is choose 10 of them. That's a quarter. Am I evil for making you choose such a small amount? Yes probably. And the majority were written when I was 14. Only 5 of them weren't. Anyway. Get voting :P

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Forever Friends

OK. This poem is for Isabella's friend Dee who is leaving her school. Hope you enjoy!

Forever Friends

As you fly away forever my little Dee bird
Remember me
As the ring of friends, weeping at your departure
Recedes into the distant past
And there you were in the centre my little Dee bird
Of our friendship
And you too cried
As tears fell past your long curly hair
And sparkling blue eyes
Remember me

The many times you sang
Your beautiful voice echoed around my heart
And circled my soul
Dear Diddly Dee
Remember me
More wondrous than angels
More beautiful than the stars
Your friendship outshines them all
Donagha Dee
Remember me

For as you leave me
For another school, another place
As you soar from your nest
My little Dee bird
I’ll never forget your friendship
So precious
To me
I cry out to the world
For when you are gone
I cannot bear to part
And my only wish
Remember me

As I look upon your face
For the final time
Before you sail across the sea
Remember me
For long after you go
With your eyes of sparkling blue
Remember me always Dee
As I remember you.

Lamentations of the Living

Well for those of you who didn't know, our fellow blogger Alexia Rue died a short while ago. She was an amazing person and this poem is for her.

Lamentations of the Living

Pale and still she lies there
So young and yet so brave
Surrounded by a noisy convocation
Of green coated doctors and beeping machines
She is separated from them
By the most impenetrable veil of all
The unconquerable divide
The cold black barrier of death

Plagued all her life by extremity
She plunged from depression to mania
From blackest mood to fevered energy
Never at rest
Until now

And as she lies there on the table
The battle is over, the struggle is lost
With a terrible price, a disastrous cost
The loss of a life
The death of a friend
A family now torn apart
The end of the end

And as tears fall
Onto her face
With her eyes that can’t see
Her hands that can’t touch
Her heart that can no longer love
Empty orbs and a soulless shell
The final remains
Of Alexia

As silence is shattered by grief
A heart rending howl of loss
Of sheer devastation
The sound of a hole
A giant void, vast and unreachable
That cannot be filled

The tears fall thicker and faster
Cascading down her face
Each little drop, of salt and sorrow
Serve only to magnify the pain
Of those left behind.

And as the warmth and laughter seeped away
Along with her life
Replaced by a ghastly cold
And a frail otherness
All that was said:
The lamentations of the living
Are the songs of the dead

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Dusk Defier

So this one's for Nyx. Although it may be short, this poem is one that I have spent much time on, revising over and over. You are one of the few people who comment on all of my poems for which I am most grateful. So I give to you.... The Dusk Defier.

The Dusk Defier

As the sun begins it journey to the solitude of sleep
And the deathly, drowsy, darkness from the craven caverns creep
As dusk regains dominion and descends into night
The Dusk Defier rises, a tenebrous light

Whilst the sombre shadows slither and the murky moon does prowl
Through the never ending ripples of a cloudy evening howl
Nyx Dawn awakens to vanquish the night
The Dusk Defier slaughters, with melanoid might

Though her soul is made of twilight and her eyes were formed from fire
Yet to bring about the sunrise is her heart’s only desire
As Nyx Dawn, Defier of Dusk, follows the fight
The Dusk Defier glimmers, brazen and bright

For the coming of the dawn time, is her duty and her joy
As Nyx Dawn seeks the sunset and then midnight to destroy
As the battle for the heavens will rage and ignite
The Dusk Defier’s passion whilst her mind is alight

Though her thoughts are coloured crimson and her master is the sun
Though the glacier is her downfall from the silence Nyx does run
Through cycles of cycles that end with the flight
As dawn turns to dusk, and day into night

Even as the darkness falls, defiance of death
Defines Nyx’s being, her blood, bones and breath
So as the sun begins its journey to the commence of the day
The Dusk Defier slumbers, as the shadows fade away

Thursday, 16 June 2011

A Recoil Reaction

Well I've been persuaded to post this on my blog even though I'm going through a period of self doubt. I hope you like it.

A Recoil Reaction

Phantoms weep
When a poet is no more
Suns will drown in endless sleep
When a poet is no more
Dusk will fall and twilight rise
Ravens talk and cruelty cries
When a poet is no more

Silence roars
When a poet is no more
Oceans flee from sandy shores
When a poet is no more
Forests quake and mountains shake
Deserts tremble, giants wake
When a poet is no more

Stars will sprawl
When a poet is no more
Diamonds break and empires fall
When a poet is no more
Wars will cease and so will peace
Death will run and life will crease
When a poet is no more

Bravery quails
When a poet is no more
Sadness grows and hate will fail
When a poet is no more
Children play and flowers droop
Joy goes on whilst pride must stoop
When a poet is no more

Words will falter
When a poet is no more
Thought will end and memory halter
When a poet is no more
Sight is blind and shadows scream
Touch is numb and stones will dream
When a poet is no more

Rivers run
When a poet is no more
Storms decay and rainbows shun
When a poet is no more
Envy glitters, wrath will wail
Light will pass and dark prevail
When a poet is no more

Hope is lost
When a poet is no more
Mirth is cheap yet friendship costs
When a poet is no more
Time will twist and truth will see
The end of all eternity
When a poet is no more