Monday, 30 January 2012

Signed Books and Pacman Fingernails

So a week ago my signed SP books from Friend Get Friend arrived. I thought I'd wait for book 6 to arrive but it hasn't yet and I just must post this now because impatience.

Tom Percival's covers are so pretty!

Signature One. Derek's signature is much more squiggly than I expected.

Signature Two. Pretty similar to signature one. But the Skulduggery doodle is a little cuter don't you think?

Signature Three. The Derek squiggle slants up the page! (It's difficult to find differences when they're all the same okay!)

Signature Four. Ummm...

Signature Five. At last. A real difference. Skuldugerry is holding a card saying hi to me!

SECRET BONUS STUFF! An awesome signed postcard

Yes that is a watch. Yes it does have the SP logo on it.
*fangirl screams*


Also there was a girl is school today with pacman fingernails. The thumb was pacman and each of the fingers was one of the different coloured ghosts. It was awesome.

Friday, 20 January 2012

On Physics Teachers, Lost Trainers and the Most Awesome Poster In History

Well. Firstly. Physics teachers. I have the most amazing funny teacher in the whole of the Physics teachers ever. Not only is he rather rude, picks on everyone and has a wonderful beard but he does so in a hilarious way.

Take this question as an example.

"Felicity steals Fitzgerald's putative future car keys and throws them up in the air at 25 m/s in rage at the fact that Fitzgerald is a massive "fan of Justin Bieber".
How high does it go and how long will it take to land on Felicity's car bonnet causing a massive dent?
To which someone replied. Sounds like the start of an advertisement for Viagra.
Obviously the names are not their real names.

Some stuff you may wish to know that makes this funny.

Felicity failed her driving test a few days ago. Fitzgerald and most of the other boys in the class have been teasing her mercilessly ever since. So our teacher is getting his own back on Felicity's behalf.
Also this implies that Fitzgerald is gay. Although Fitzgerald does wear rather camp clothing he hates having his masculinity questioned. Also I won't get into the whole how does being gay mean you are less masculine and not all gays like Justin Bieber etc. etc. It's just Fitzgerald's reaction was amusing  Also the fact that Felicity is in a rage at this builds on the theory our teacher has that Felicity is a supremecist assassin out to kill him and practically everyone else. I don't know how this theory started but rest assured it isn't true.

Secondly. Pyro managed to lose one of my (only pair of) trainers. I have one trainer. This has resulted in me hopping quite a lot.

Thirdly. Guess what arrived in the post today?


Look how the eyes melt into that gorgeous sunset

The poster is double sided

As you can maybe tell it is the front cover of Death Bringer

So I am still eagerly awaiting my signed SP books. Hopefully they shall arive soon.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Our Little Infinity

As requested my love here is another poem for you. Very heavily inspired by The Fault In Our Stars. Although no plot points are spoilt I do use several of the many inspirational ideas that TFIOS expresses. So if you don't want those ideas spoilt then DO NOT READ THIS POEM. For those who do however please enjoy!

Our Little Infinity

As I stare into your eyes
Which are so beautiful, large and wise
I fall through an endless stream of stars
And I’m ever so grateful this life is ours

For though you may not realise
You are so busy being you
That you have no idea
 How utterly unprecedented you are
The way you care for every soul
The praise and love that you extol
Your random acts both kind and mirthful
The crooked smile upon your face
Your charming laugh, ecstatic heart
Your delightful eccentricity
The way you mean so much to me

For even though love is a shout into the void
One day we’ll both return to dust
The sun will swell and burn the Earth
And all will be destroyed
Yet even though our little lives are only temporary
Your love has turned the numbered days into an infinity

Kallista Pendragon
The Thief in Black
Your physical presence
I woefully lack
Yet our words and our love and our spirits so strong
In our hearts we’re together, we’ll always belong.

May we dance by the light of an oblique moon
And watch the pale  petals rain
And taste the effervescent tang
Of lips entwined arcane

You call me the Purple Poet
The one who you gave your heart
The soul that brings you bliss and joy
The one whom you loved from the start
Yet some infinities are bigger than other infinities
And the love that we have and enthral
Is the biggest infinity of all

I hate the hurt that you endure
It cleaves my heart in twain
The thing about pain it demands to be felt
And its memories remain

Yet when your life is full of joy
And hope and ecstasy
Your happiness makes my life bliss
For you mean so much to me

And who are we as friends and lovers
Observing the elegance of the universe
To tell it that our sight is only fleeting?
For the universe it makes us
And later on it takes us
But in all the majesty of creation
It brought us two together
A splendid and opportune, always treasured meeting.

There’s a door in my heart and a cupboard in my brain
With an imperial affliction that I struggle to restrain
The thought that I might lose you
The thought I cause you pain
The thought that I have failed you
Left abandoned in the rain

And when you suffered great despair
The moment when you fall
When life just overwhelmed you
And I could do nothing at all

And the feeling when we parted
The raw anguish in my heart
The tears that cascade down my face
The agony of a new start

The moment of shock when you said you were gone
The realisation you’d flown
The constant ache where you were missing
The terrible reality of being alone

You didn’t leave because of me
But because you were ashamed
You felt that you were a grenade
That you would explode and disgust me
Despair and despise and disappoint me
But I am a fool for love and a fool for you
You’re not a grenade you’re a person too

Yet it doesn’t matter that you fall
We comfort each other together
But the fact that you got up again
Is why I’ll admire you forever

The elation when we were reunited
The constant affirming you’re there
The many declarations of our love for each other
The reassurance we both truly care

For I want to leave a legacy
A harmless fading scar
In the uncreated spaces
To live on in your heart

The choices that I make
The fault in our stars
I’m happy with my choices
I hope that you’re happy with ours

The sluttiness of time pervades
And oblivion will call
But we’ll face it as one
And chase it immortal

My faith was never stronger
And never more devout
As long as I am with you
This star will not go out

I’ll love you ‘til my final breath
I’ll never stop trying
Even though endeavour
Is a side effect of dying

I’m glad that my numbered set
Is as long as it will be
But I cannot help but wish it
Extended to infinity

For you are the one to take my breath away
You are the one to capture my gaze
You are the one who gave me a forever
Within the numbered days

Monday, 16 January 2012

Top Hat Tuesday and Highly Flammable Liquids

I had a particularly enjoyable day today. Firstly I arrived at school along with three other people all wearing top hats. I love that top hat. So comfy. We went around wearing them all day and confusing people greatly. "Top hat Tuesday? But... but today is Monday!" I hear you cry. Well yes. Yes it is. We're being alternative. Also why we named ourself the Top hat Trio. Yes there are four of us. But alliteration is more important than such trivial things as reality.

Also we had a fiery explosion in Chemistry today. We were conducting experiments on cyclohexane. It is labelled highly flammable for a very good reason. One of the experiments was combustion. It combusts very well. And if for some reason you decide to drop your burning cyclohexane into... lets say....the giant container containing the whole supply of cyclohexane... well you end up setting fire to your workbench. *shifty eyes*

But we put out the workbench quickly and then just watched the container burn. And glass can melt. Who knew?

So I do have a picture of me in the tophat. I may even upload it. But I need enough views. I want to be able to say OVER 9000! And also for someone to send me the picture first.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Fault In Our Stars- John Green's Best Book Ever

So two days ago I recieved TFIOS. I had read it within hours. Such a fantastic book. Almost made me cry. If it was like a whole book series and you knew the characters for longer I'd definately have cried. But then after reading I've spent a long time just looking at the amazing signature (and yes smelling it too-don't judge me! Also don't smell Sharpies, I wouldn't advise it...).

So here is that signature for you all to marvel over.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Me! Published inside a book! With words and everything!

So yay! I got home today with this package just inside the door. I was like it's adressed to me! Post! YAY! And I opened it fully expecting to get my signed copy of TFIOS (The Fault In Our Stars) by John Green. Alas it wasn't. But instead it was a poetry book! WITH ONE OF MY POEMS IN IT!!!

*squees loudly*

Anyway I thought I'd share some pictures.

The book is called 'A World Verse'

Yes! It's the Loss of Hiashiness!

Page 2 happens to be sideways

Page 3! Yes that's me!

I don't know why this photo is here. Well you can see the title better.

Actually able to read the writing now! YAY!

Here are all six books that have been published with one of my poems in them. THEY BE SO PRETTY!

This is my pet skull Ebenezer. I keep changing his name. It used to be Skul-man, then Yorik, now its Ebenezer. Umm... I bought it at the Puck Fair in Kilorglin, Ireland back in August. Isn't he adorable?

Ebenezer from the side

He looks weird from the back

Ebenezer looking particularly awesome.

I did record a video of me reciting the poem but it sounds terrible so I'm not uploading it.


Monday, 9 January 2012

Poland Trailer

OK. I know I've said I'm going to make a whole post about my trip to Poland. Indeed I am working  on one. But it's huge. A really giant post. And it probably won't be ready for at least a month. Anyway I found this on Youtube today.

It's a trailer for the film being made of my trip to Poland.

I just wanted to share it with you all.

As far as I know I don't actually appear in the trailer.
Edit: Actually I appear at 0:35 seconds. See the two little kids dancing? I'm the one holding his hand. Wearing the white sweater.
So here is a brief trailer of my week in Poland.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Ail Era

Well. Happy New Year! I wrote another poem. Not sure how it'll be recieved. Please note that I'm really not trying to preach through it. I was simply reflecting over some experiences from Poland amongst other things. There may be a moral hidden in all the tangles of words. I don't know. I hope that nonetheless you enjoy.

Ail Era

(Accepting Individuality. Loving Everyone. Respecting All.)

All men are created equal.
I disagree.
Nobody wants equality.
Who would want to be the same?
Devoid of uniqueness, your talents, your name?

You claim that everyone deserves the same rights.
Indeed this is a worthy cause, the aim of many fights.
Yet we do not want equality, this thought let me dispel
All men should not be treated equal. All men should be treated well.

We live in an era of ail
Of trouble, affliction and strife
We hang by a thread, if we fall, end up dead
As we balance on the edge of a knife.

For we all have our own preconceptions.
And we scream “Why don’t you understand?
That this item I love
(Be it book, film thereof)
Is the best thing to grace the whole land."

And for those who don’t like
The item we adore
Their opinions on matters
We start to ignore.

For they’re wrong about this.
So they’re wrong about that.
And the others of their creed
Well they also fall flat.

And thus creeps in prejudice
Bias and hate.
For a race or religion,
A nation, a state.

For we don’t recognize
That the thing that we admire
Does not necessarily others

And others don’t realise
This plain boring thing
Means so little to them
But for us worshiping
This book, or this film,
Or this person is standard
And those who do not
Well for us, they have slandered.

So you worship one god
I worship another
Why does this mean
My belief
You must smother?

For this path, oh this path
If we walk down it further
We end up in genocide

Yet this era of ail
Need not mean distressed
Instead we can change it
To one that means blessed.

For if we strive to accept
Each others’ individuality
And try to love everyone
Respect all personalities.

Then we take the first step
To an era of peace.
To immortal humanity
Where violence may cease.

And so it is that I can hope
That if I try and change.
To come back better than before
From this a strange yet common shore
That I’ll be part of the exchange
Of limits for perfection.
Yet is this what we really want?
Or is it but a tempting dream?
And are we always doomed to scream?
I’ll leave it to reflection.