Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Loss of Hiashiness

This is a second poem for Mary Hiashi. I'm glad you poured out your heart to us and I hope that this counts as a little bit of wisdom from some one else. I believe that this poem will strike a chord with your feelings in some form and help you in some way. Enjoy.

The Loss of Hiashiness

I used to have ambitions
I had hopes and goals and dreams
But my dreams remain unfinished
And my hopes are just extremes.

My wishes are impossible
I long for childish things
And for people to respect me
And to fly with golden wings.

For life it seems so drab and grey
You work then breathe your last
For the future came to nothing
But a wistful broken past.

I used to think I’m special
In a way that I could be
More important than diamonds
More powerful than the sea

But the nightmares overcame me
With my fears and tears and screams
Crushing all of my ambitions
Whilst reality quells my dreams

And I wonder why my family
Ignores my own belief
Why don’t they accept me... well as me?
Why cause me pain and grief.

My soul is shattered
My minds breaks
My body yearns
My heart aches

For you’ve asked the greatest question
Which is simply labelled Why?
What’s the point at all in living
When eventually you die.

For humanity is temporary
And all things end with time
And this knowledge is our burden
We perceive it as a crime

Does the universe have meaning?
Only if you give it one
If nobody appreciates it
Why has it begun?

Nature’s only beautiful
When viewed by human eyes
Unobserved it comes to nothing
As do clouds in endless skies

For life has deeper meaning
We can learn and we can love
We can try to create order
From the chaos far above

Why we live I do not know
But there is fun and laughter
And I don’t think that it matters
To the happily ever after

Life is meant for living
So enjoy its little treasures
Such as humour and surprises
And manifold other pleasures

Such as poetry and literature
And your own imagination
The sunshine and the crystal rain
A starry constellation

So treasure every moment
For life keeps moving on
And the Earth will keep on spinning
Long, long after you are gone

You dream a dream of impossible things
But at least you dream at all
And hope still burns inside you
Though the candle may be small

You are special, you have purpose
And I wish you “Blessed be”
You are loved and you’re befriended
You’re Miss Mary Hiashi