Sunday, 16 September 2012

Eternal Dreams

So I wondered if I could capture the essence of a dream in a poem. Also I haven't written anyone a poem in months and months so Jaffa, this poem is for you. I hope you enjoy!

Eternal Dreams

In dreams of dreams eternal
A constant fantasy
Lost in a land half waking
And all the world a dream
In wistful worlds so weary
Dominions drowning dreary
In endless echelons eerie
A silent ceaseless scream

A girl by name of Jaffa
Set fire to the rain
Drifting through the aether
She knows not, what is pain
She knows not, what is panic,
She knows not, what is rue
She knows not whence she came from
Except for a teardrop blue

A man by name of Morbid
Is seeking for multiple things
His face is masked with feathers
That reptilian autumn brings
He longs to share his memories
He yearns to share his soul
And a teardrop blue is leaking
From the half he calls a whole

Amidst a background silver
Tendrils of poisonous light
Entwine the two together
And banish the tender night
They fuse to make one being
The lost who became the found
And Jaffa Morbid rushes forth
To slowly sink a marmalade North
Into the wraithlike ground

Every Footstep Equals Death

Yeah, like, we're all murderers dude! Of billions of invisible creatures! Maaaaan.

Enjoy :P

Every Footstep Equals Death

Every footstep that I take
Every time I close my eyes
Every breath that leaves my lungs
An unseen crowd of creatures dies

A walking talking death machine
Of countless animalcules
Single celled
Not long for this world
My every action causes hell

Perishing, writhing
No hope of surviving
The invisible swarm
I deform
Bodies still warm

So suddenly I’m made aware
That murder flows from every breath
Where every heartbeat drowns their souls
And every footstep equals death

Coming Out

So it's been about four and a half months since I came out. This poem is really personal yet I hope it still resonates with you. This is me sharing a little piece of my heart. I hope you enjoy.

Coming Out 

Have to try
Start to cry
Constantly living my life as a lie

Fearing rejection
Deepest dejection
No longer the child who they view as perfection

Closest relations
Crushed expectations
Death knell to hopes of wedding invitations

Love me?
Shove me?
Never heard of me?
Go burn in hell
Go rot in a cell
You ne’er-do-well

Searching for signs of dismay
Thoughts in disarray
Hardest four words to say
Mum, dad I’m gay
“Hush dear, we know. It’s okay.”

Conflicting Emotions

Hope you enjoy this. Language can be really weird sometimes.

Conflicting Emotions

Laugh with sorrow
Strut with fear
Blush in arrogance
Comfort severe

Snarl with love
And kiss with hate
Hug with reluctance
And despair with faith

All so unthinkable
To soothe with distress
So why do people cry
With happiness?

Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Path and The Walker

This is a poem that I wrote months ago and then promptly lost. Now that it is once again found I decided to post it. Enjoy!

The Path and The Walker

I don’t chose the things I cry about
That doesn’t make me heartless
When I can’t shed a tear
For that small lifeless deer
That left you frozen in grief and darkness

I don’t chose the things I laugh about
That doesn’t make me a bore
When I barely smile
At that joke ‘bout the Nile
That left you rolling on the floor

And I don’t chose what I live to love
But I’m glad that they chose me
For with an open mind and a brimming heart
I’m swept away the moment I start
Each new discovery brings irrevocable change
By dramatically increasing the awesome

Dumbledore, Dobby and poor little Rue
Stephie Erlich from Doctor Who
Each of their deaths had me sobbing and sobbing
For minutes or hours or days
Yet give me Fred Weasley or Kenspeckle Grouse
Or Ianto or The Fault In Our Stars
And I’ve nothing, I’ve nothing, I’ve nothing, I’ve nothing
For the infinity that was ours

Friday, 14 September 2012

Good Morning Voldemort

OK. So the other poem is going to have to wait. The following arose during school today and I had to share it with you guys. The following song is a parody of Good Morning Baltimore from Hairspray and is sung by Bellatrix Lestrange. I hope some time in the future to turn this into a video but hopefully you'll know the tune (if not then youtube it). Enjoy!

Good Morning Voldemort

Oh, oh, oh
Dearest Dark Lord
I just have to applaud your treachery
Oh, oh, oh
Hungry for more than
Your supple snake
Your thirteen inch wand
You’ve murdered and maimed
He Who Must Not Be Named
Raining down chaos from
High above
Oh, oh, my
Ecstasy grows
At your absolute
Lack of a nose

Good morning Voldemort
You’re the downfall of Gryffindor
Love the way that you split your soul
Seven parts to a former whole
Good morning Voldemort
May you never be mortal once more
I love your depravity
Voldemort and me

Oh, oh oh,
Your red eyed stare
Is beyond compare in every way
Oh, oh oh,
 I’ve got my Dark Mark upon my arm
The pain’s like a charm
When you speak Parseltounge
The hiss from your lungs
Seems to say “Bella I love you too”
So, oh, oh,
 Don’t hold me back
Azkaban I escaped just for you

Good morning Voldemort
I would kill that fool Dumbledore
Snape is nothing, a worthless tool
Worst Headmaster of Hogwarts School
Good morning Voldemort
Even  the mighty Dementors implore
To succumb to your mastery
Voldemort and me

I know every curse, I know every jinx
I know he's a Horcrux. I'm not. That stinks.
I cannot wait for our life to begin
I cannot wait for you to Slytherin
You too Slytherins  

So, Oh, Oh
Give me a chance
I can kill at a glance, be a Death Eater
I’ll be the
Best of the best, just give your commands
And I’ll do the rest
 My relief from our struggles
Is torturing muggles
Whilst yelling “The Potter boy’s got to go!”
Oh, oh, oh
Don’t make me wait
One more moment to say crucio
Good moaning, good moaning
Waiting to say crucio

I love you Voldemort
The Longbottoms fell to the floor
My love for you is the sort that blinds
As I watched them both lose their minds
I promise Voldemort
I’ll be by your side for the whole of this war
I'll murder that house elf Dobby
For that is my destiny
Voldemort and me

We’ll make our world pure (mudblood free)
Voldemort and me
He’ll stroke my face with Nagini
Voldemort and me







Thursday, 13 September 2012

Why is fanfiction so awesome?

So this will be another thoughtsy sort of a post. I do believe I started many a post with the word so in recent months. Next time will be different!

Anyway. Recently a very good friend was worried about her writing. She felt that others may see it as being copying a certain scene of Lord of the Rings.

Here are my thoughts on the matter and my reply to her.

Inspiration is all about building on the works of others. We all stand on the shoulders of others. To be inspired by a book or a poem or a song, by a piece of music or something on TV, to take their message and tales and add to them and play with them and make them your own is to be admired not something to be feared. That is why fanfiction is so wonderful, an idea is only improved by planting it in some other persons mind where it will grow and then sending it racing amongst a network of people. And if people can see from where you have been inspired it only adds to your creation rather than lessening it for it lets them know more about the creator and what sort of person they might be.
Stories are all about human connections and to be able to see those connections being formed is the most beautiful thing of all.

Hence why copyright lasting for hundreds of years is generally a very sucky thing.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Eternal Swans

Poem be here. I also found a lost poem from ages ago and poem will shortly be there too.

Eternal Swans

Transcending time
Impending night
Eternal glow
Of candlelight

Predating gods
Outliving sea
Encircling pride 
Transfixing me

A skull of gold
With congealed eyes
Those emerald wings
Crawling with flies

A beautiful horror
The dust on its bones
Delights and reviles
Those sparkling stones

The creak of vanished tendons
The gristle groaning grey
As she takes to the air
Whilst the death-merchants pray

They pray to twisted spirits
That they look upon as prey
A clamouring song of yellow blood
And the final close of day

She leads them marching onwards
With a cobweb for their sky
Eternal swans on a lustreless lake
The dead who refused to die

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

When Derek Met Fez Guy

So yeah on Sunday I went to the Bluewater signing and met some awesome new people including Derek Landy, Lenka, Robin, and some awesome people I already knew, Grace (Ven), Chan and my brother Pyro. I got up at 6 a.m and spent several happy hours waiting in the queue.  Whilst waiting in the queue Derek walked around to see everyone before he began signing and called out to me "Hey nice fez. When I finally got to meet him he was like "Hey it's fez guy!" So yeah I shall be forever known to Derek as Fez Guy :P When I told him I was Octa he was really happy and knew who I was and everything. Infact he knew all the bloggers there. Derek took a picture of us on his own phone, signed my fez and my poems (I must have been the only person not to bring a Skulduggery book to sign) he answered loads of questions and gave me a hug. He is so awesome in real life. Most questions related to KoTW so I won't spoil anything but I did ask about the Dead Men. It turns out that there are only seven Dead Men at any one time but that they've changed over the years. Thus resolving my problem of nine Dead Men when it explicitly says there are seven. I gave Derek a handwritten copy of Golden God and some of your fanfiction (Kallista's Slender Man story, Thalia's Sherlock FF, Quinn and Bryony's HP FF and DogLikesBones Zombie Competition Entry.


From left to right, Pyro, Lenka, Chan, Derek, Grace, me
Shortly after this photo I almost fell over.
Fezzes are cool. Especially this one.
Meet Thrasherbelle. I wore him to the signing (it's a ring, don't think you can see that from the photo).
If Clarabelle and Thrasher had children I like to think they'd look something like this.
So all I have left to say is DFTBA, love yo' faces, and may you have a  lifetime of  Derektastic days ahead.