Thursday, 27 January 2011

Servant to Serum

This poem was written for Lizzy. I believe that even vampires have a softer side although they keep it hidden. Enjoy!

Servant to Serum

She wandered through the frosted wood
With none to see her cry
Alone, and racked with grief beneath
A vast uncaring sky.

Servant of her serum
A crystal concoction of hemlock and wolf bane
Saturated with liquid sunlight
To mask the vampire curled sleeping within
That rises with the coming of the night.

Yet she is safe
The serum flows through her veins
Tranquilising her baser nature
Whilst the sun is sleeping

Lizzy weeps and slumps against a tree
Memories of last night’s horror
The red miasma in her brain
The innocent infant screaming in terror
 The sticky crimson blood
And the tiny head staring sightlessly
At its own half chewed body

Lizzy’s eyes well up once more
The sticky metallic tang of the blood
Never leaving her tongue or her nightmares
For that night she failed to serve the serum
And she fled with the darkness

Alone again, she drops the facade
Of ruthless civility
The steel glint fades from her eyes
As grief and horror rack her painfully thin body
The centuries fall away and the little girl is left
Before she became this heartless monster

Lizzy thinks of the words she would growl at her victims
“If you wish to die a horrible death, please, come closer”
And the outburst ceases
She regains her merciless personality
And vows never  again to disobey the serum
Lest she recovers her soul.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Susurrus

This poem is for Hellboy and probably long overdue. I hope that it is even in the vicinity of your very high standards and that you enjoy it.

The Susurrus

A susurrus in the wind
A zephyr along the highway of heaven and hell

Hellboy seeks with his far seeing eyes
That see beyond the future
 To the time on the Morpheus Road
Where the great multitudes swarm
He seeks out each individual’s path
And their deathly destination

A susurrus in the wind
A zephyr along the highway of life and death

He sees an ancient figure
Bound for the ethereal plains
Filled with wraiths and phantasms
That hide in the mists and vapours
That torment the mind with ghosts and memories
From ages past

A susurrus in the wind
A zephyr along the highway of anger and sorrow

Hellboy watches a young child
Stand alone in the Field of Asphodel
His identity already fading
His pale spirit merging with the others
Joining the repetitious cycle
In the dreary grey grass
Of eternal stillness and neutrality

A susurrus in the wind
A zephyr along the highway of silence and commotion

 Hellboy shades his eyes from the bold man’s fate
Who lived a life of cruelty and malice
Turning others joys incarnadine
As he walks the way to Sheol
To be purged in unquenchable fire
And smell the stench of his own roasting flesh
And taste the bitter flavour of charred hair and blackened skin

A susurrus in the wind
A zephyr along the highway of laughter and hatred

Yet here on the Morpheus road he spots a kindly woman
Who will spend her after life in the Blest Isles of  Elysium
Safe from harm and suffering in an island of beauty paramount
Rewarded for her grace and virtue
She will find peace

A susurrus in the wind
A zephyr along the highway of war and peace

Yet few make the Blest Isles
Hellboy sighs
As the Road takes another victim
Destined for the dank dungeons of Niflhel
Where they will languish in the gloom
With slime brushed walls and dripping rocks
With only goats urine to sate their thirst

A susurrus in the wind
A zephyr along the highway of time and space

Far above the caves of Niflhel the sounds of feasting
Emanate from the Hall of Asgard
As a new arrival enters the Hall of Valhalla
To drink and feast in utmost luxury
Attended to by their personal Valkyrie
A mighty warrior devours a plump boar
As the mead flows freely

A susurrus in the wind
A zephyr along the highway of loneliness and companionship

The Pit of Tartarus
Hellboy shivers at the name
As he senses another soul
Enter oblivion
Tortured by beings greater than gods
Eyes stabbed out by mechanical men
The weeping sores oozing pus and blood
A plaything of Kronos

A susurrus in the wind
A zephyr along the highway of grief and comfort

Hellboy watches as another soul approaches the Pearly Gates
A convocation of angels in gold and white smile down
From the pure white banks of clouds that fill the pristine sky
An unearthly glow of majesty and splendour

A susurrus in the wind
A zephyr along the highway of order and chaos

The Five Rivers of Hades converge in a frothing torrent
Acheron- River of Sorrow
Cocytus- River of Lamentation
Phlegethon- River of Fire
Lethe- River of Oblivion
And Styx- River of Hate
 They surround the Morpheus Road in swirling glory
In shades of darkest night to deepest crimson
And in the very centre of this quercivorous pool
With jet black obsidian shores
And amaranth tides
Stands a sentinel, a Silent One
Presiding over the multitude
Known only as Hellboy

A susurrus in the wind
A zephyr along the highway of air and fire

The sentinel looks out across the vast varied underworld
Yet fears to look into his own future
Or the core of his heart
He hears not the ringing for it is a knell
To summon him to heaven or to hell

A susurrus in the wind
A zephyr along the highway of humanity

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Dance of the Deepwoods

I'm sorry for the poor 15 people who I  haven't yet written your poem yet. However I have written a poem about Kallista and I (inevitable really). I will get round to you I promise.

Dance of the Deepwoods

As the twinkling lights gleam in the indigo sky
A young couple twirl beneath the stars
Kallista and Octa sway in the moonlight
As the fairies look on enchanted

The glittering spires and minarets
Of the Shining City of Sanctaphrax glow
As the wind blows through the green smudge
Of the beautiful distant Deepwoods

Deep in the Deepwoods we dance
Through the scented meadow grass
Of the Silver Pastures
Where the wild tilder roam

We waltz with the majesty of kings
And the happiness of a young mother
Who smiles down at her new born babe
Who grips with tiny fingers at her hands

And still Octa and Kallista dream
As we swirl through the forests’ heart
Past the swift pristine waterfall
Of Riverrise

The natural splendour of The Edge
That juts out  like a prow of a ship
Into the dark forbidding void
Is full of life and shines like a beacon
Illuminating the way

And as we sway with the breeze
Round and round until Open Sky
We continue our happy happy dance
Safe in the knowledge that we always have
Each other.

Human Inferno

It's finally here! After over a month of being unable to write anything I have finally gained back some of my inspiration. So here is a poem I wrote for Leo Sparks. Or at least the evil version of him that I portray in the poem.

Human Inferno

A burning inferno
The flames lap against the golden skin
Sparks crackling and flying in perfect arcs
A fiery parabola of majesty
Yet deep in the core of the raging fire
In the bright white heart of the lightning
Is a man.

This unnatural being of human shape
Unscathed by the heat and the terrible power
The flesh uncharred, the hair untouched
The eyes sear with a blinding intensity
Globes of pure energy and magic
Windows to the soul of a god

Torrents of lightning erupt from his fingertips
Turning the clouds electric blue
As his body writhes with the pulses
That travel up and down his being

Sparks of deepest yellow play amongst his silky hair
Which stand on end in rigid splendour
And when he speaks the voice is harsh as the devastation
Left behind by ravenous beast he controls
Yet deeply alluring causing all who hear it to lust for his supremacy

He calls out his name to the world
“Leo Sparks”
And as the flames caress his body lovingly
Tenderly submitting to his might
A charred and blackened corpse
Ravaged by lightning, blistered and burnt
Falls from his arms

As the women let out her dying screams
Leo lapped at her life-force
And the flames grew a little brighter
And Leo a little taller and golden
And Leo smiled as another victim
Fell to his fiery charms.