Friday, 21 June 2013

The Killer In Black

So, Kallie asked me to write a Purple Roses story and this is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy. 

The Killer In Black: A Purple Roses Story

A giggle could be heard coming from a figure lurking in the shadows, as she perched on the wooden beam of the rafters. The timber creaked beneath her as she settled into a more comfortable stance, peering down from the rooftop at the group of people in the restaurant below.
The hushed murmur of whispered conversation floated up and the Thief In Black screwed up her face in concentration as she desperately tried to make out what they were saying.
“But you got to be surprise adopted last time we went out.” Thalia responded. “I haven’t had a go in ages!”
Octaboona frowned. “But I’m certain that this time, she has planned the most splendid kidnapping. There’s going to be a tea party and everything.”
Red spoke up. “I love tea. I absolutely have to be chosen! Don’t you agree Pyro?”
“Indeed, my love deserves only the best. Kallie provides the most amazing time.”
So we’re settled then?” Thalia said. “Red will have the honour of this evening’s visit from The Thief In Black?”
There came a chorus of ayes from around the table.
“As head of the Purple Roses my decision is final.” Skyril announced. “Red will be this month’s surprise adoptee.”
Red grinned and then glanced up at the rafters where she could see a pale face, still oblivious to the contents of their conversation.
Red cleared her throat and announced loudly “I’m just going to go to the bathroom. I won’t be a moment!” She stood up and the pale face beamed and swiftly withdrew from sight.
The Thief In Black giggled again and pointed dramatically towards the girl, with the beautiful flame red hair.
“I CHOOSE YOU! THERE IS NO ESCAPE FROM THE THIEF IN BLACK!” before vaulting off the oak beam and bouncing twice as she clambered unsteadily to her feet.

Red Waterfall sighed, looked at her watch and left the bathroom, making her way back to the table. Everyone looked up at her in confusion.
“Back so soon?” Skyril enquired. “Normally Kallista entertains for hours. It’s barely been twenty minutes. That’s not even enough time for a drop of tea, let alone a tea party. I’m disappointed. Kallista must have whisked you there and then back immediately.”
Red interrupted.
“But that’s the thing! Kallie didn’t kidnap me at all. I waited by the bathroom for twenty minutes. I thought maybe she’d gotten lost, or bumped her head or something. Where could she possibly be?”
Octaboona frowned again. “We all saw her leaving though. She had a girl with long red hair thrown over her shoulder. If it wasn’t you, then who could it be?”
Suddenly there came a wail from the table in the corner and a tall man, with bulging muscles and really cool hair came running over, wringing his hands.
“Master! Master! He’s gone! I tried to protect him, but the girl was too much for me.” He wailed again.
Thalia looked at the man incredulously. “Thrasher?”
Thrasher sniffed miserably.
“So the rumours are true. Nye really did successfully perform a brain transplant. But that would mean… that girl… is Scapegrace?”
Thrasher nodded.
“Nye gave Scapegrace the body of a woman?”
“My Master is still a fearsome warrior. You should fear him. You cannot keep The Killer Supreme under lock and key!”
“Shut up Thrasher.”
Everyone started gathering up their things. Skyril led the Purple Roses out of the restaurant, Thrasher following meekly behind.

 Vaurien Scapegrace was not amused. He was sitting in a chair, wrapped up in daisy chains, whilst a crazy figure dressed in black cackled and asked him how she liked her tea.
“I am not a woman! I am a man!”
The Thief In Black paused. “Red, oh my goodness, I never knew! One lump or two?”
“Two please.”
“No thank you.”
“I am not Red! My name is The Killer Supreme!”
The Thief In Black looked at him worriedly.
“Are you sure you’re okay? You do look a bit different, now I think about it. Are you feeling ill? You look a bit ill. Or have you done something different with your makeup?”
Scapegrace stared at her.
“I do not wear makeup!”
“Yes... that might be it. You are still pretty either way.”
“Who are you? What do you do?”
“I am the Thief In Black!” she laughed. “No one knows my true identity!”
Scapegrace paled. What do you want from me? You cannot steal from The Killer Supreme! Not my thoughts, nor my wit nor my kidney!”
He closed his eyes and started humming in what he presumed was a meditative expression, waving his arms around his head, whilst making sudden jabs with his fingers.
The Thief In Black got up and Scapegrace quickly stopped, slumping back in the chair.
“Red, my dear… please tell me what is the matter. You look a little constipated. Did you not enjoy your tea?”
“The Killer Supreme found the tea perfectly adequate!” Scapegrace screeched.
“But my dear sister, you are not a killer. You are a Purple Rose. You fight the killers remember? I admit that you are of course supreme, but I do believe something is wrong. You are not in your usual mood at all.”
A sharp knock on the door distracted The Thief from her worries.
“The Purple Roses have sent out a rescue mission. They’ll never catch us though!”
However before she could free Scapegrace from his daisy chains, the door burst open and a tall man with a fine physique rushed in, followed by various members of the Purple Roses.
Thrasher ran to Scapegrace’s chair and started pulling at the daisy chains.
“Oh Master! Are you safe? Are you hurt? Here let me help you!”
“Idiot. I was enjoying some time away from you. With someone who can make good tea.”
“But Master, I make you tea all the time.”
“It’s horrible. It’s all watery without enough sugar. I bet you even put the milk in first. I hate milk. You always forgot that!”
“I’m sorry Master. You deserve only the highest standards. I try my best.”
Scapegrace turned away from him. “What do you say we forget about him,” he jerked a thumb at Thrasher, “and team up together? We could be The Thieves Supreme! No wait I’ve got it, the Killers In Black! We could be ladies of leisure,
Thrasher finally got the daisy chains undone. The Thief In Black turned away from them to stare at the other Purple Roses. She glimpsed Red and Pyro standing in the doorway and then turned back to look at Scapegrace.
“So… you’re… not Red then. I knew something was up. And I told you all about the Purple Roses too!”
The Thief smiled a crazy smile. “Don’t worry guys! I know just what to do!”
She turned back to Scapegrace and Thrasher who were looking at the frowning Purple Roses with concern.
“You asked me what I do. Not only am I the Thief In Black but I am also head of the Department of Bunnies!”
She started humming dramatically. “DUN DUN DUUUUUN!”
Her voice dropped to a whisper.
“Release the bunnies!”
From a cage in the corner of the room, a large white bunny ambled out, and started sniffing at Scapegrace’s shoe.
Thrasher reached down to stroke it, and it bit him on the hand.
“My hand!” Thrasher shrieked in pain.
The bunny hopped onto Scapegrace’s shoe and bit his ankle.
The duo suddenly collapsed unconscious.
“Sedative in the rabbit saliva.” Skyril murmured to Thalia. “It takes them by surprise every time.”
The Thief In Black bowed and then somersaulted out the window before running off into the night.
“Indeed, we have these two under our control.” Octaboona smiled. “We must eradicate their memories of The Purple Roses before handing them over to the Sanctuary.”
Red turned to Skyril and the two started discussing who would be surprise adopted next.
“I didn’t even get to have a go this time. She picked Scapegrace! By accident I grant you but Scapegrace!”
“A Purple Rose such as yourself should be prepared for all eventualities. You should have gotten into position on time.”
“I’d like to have seen you have done better.”
“I’m head of the Purple Roses. My decision is final.”

Lurking in the shadows by the window, The Thief In Black smiled at her friends, and started thinking about plans for a double surprise adoption.