Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Skies of Oblivion

This was written for Skyril. Hope you enjoy it. It is definately one of my favourite ones.

The Skies of Oblivion

Far above the sapphire wastes
Skyril flies through bleak and dreary skies
With not a single cloud
With which to build a city of air
Of minarets and domes and spires.

She longs for swathes of mist
And drops of dew
And fog vivacious.

Yet all she has is the lonely sky
That looks below at the river of liquid sapphire
That shatters at the edge of the waterfall
And cascades far below
To the Ravine of Oblivion

And the midnight diamonds
Poisoned by the sun
Beautiful yet deadly
They cover the surface of this world
In towering spires of dazzling brilliance
They are Epitome Incarnate

Yet Skyril longs
For the return of her race
With their elfin eyes
And pointed ears
And delicate cheekbones
Who dwelt in dappled sunlight
Of forest glades.

The last of her kind
Skyril weeps amongst the shore
Of a crystalline sea
As she remembers
The purple feather she wore in her cap
When she still smiled and dreamt of stars.

Yet she continues to soar
Through an empty planet
Orbiting its deathly star
That rages in the blackness
Of a silent sky.

And Skyril longs for form
For consciousness body and voice
For flesh and blood and warmth
For love and laughter
Amidst the coldness of diamonds.

Skyril mourns
As she flies through the desolate waste of sapphire
Running from the dark and the cold and the diamonds.
Beneath the midnight sky.
All alone.
In silence.


  1. I'm FINALLY a follower!! Yay!!
    I've been meaning to come here and follow for some time now. Alas, I forget as soon as I get online. I do that ALL the time LOL. It's actually quite annoying....
    Anyway... I SO love this poem!!! It's AWESOME!!!
    I said so on Hellboy's blog as well, but I figured I would say so once again in case you hadn't seen.
    You are InCrEAdiBLY talented!!! It's AMAZIIIIIIING!!!
    Thank you so much for doing one for me!! I LOVE IT!!!!

    ~fan girl scream~

    That ^^ I do not do often. :D Be happy!

  2. Oh yeah, I'm probably going to be hanging out on Hellboy's blog again, so if you come on, go there! :] It'll be fun!