Friday, 3 December 2010

Vale of Tears

Lunar, you are the one who persuaded me to post these on my blog. I hope I retain my modesty and don't seem to self centred.

Vale of Tears

 Earth rises over the horizon as I float
Like gold dust floating on the breeze
Hovering over the lunar landscape.
I merge with the ether, tendrils of mist spiralling
Towards the rounded ocean in the sky.

I weep throughout the night
Staring at the never changing sky
Black as pitch I feel the madness
That always follows Earthrise.

I long for a friend
As I hover round my vale of tears
A single soul, separated from paradise
And lost amidst the tranquil moon.

The dull grey craters
Punctuate my limbo
An Elemental spirit
Being leeched into the dreary sky

A dark despondent dawn
Rises amongst the barren wastes
At the edge of humanity
And the final frontier.

A quiver of blue
Searches for a friend
As the tears cascade like liquid diamond
In the perpetual flow                       
Of captivity.

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