Thursday, 31 May 2012

Song of the Snickerdoodle

So the long awaited song is actually here. I'm not even sure what to say. I had great fun filming this. I promised that I'd have this song up a week ago so I'm sorry for the lateness. Also I lack the technical expertise to make this video polished and I just know the song has a lot more potential in the right hands. But it's the best I can do. There was supposed to be a piano part but I have failed at adding it in. It was nothing special. The song is the main thing! :D

Lyrics below.

Also just incase you haven't read it before this song was heavily inspired by the fanfic Two Girls One Snail written by Quinn and Bryony. Please check it out because it is supermegafoxyawesomehot.

Song of the Snickerdoodle

Two young girls named Ari and Gwen
Back to Hogwarts yet again
To magical beasts
And magical feasts
With Phyllis the poisonous snail

Gwen McKee and Ari G
Both Ravenclaws, awesome and quite quirky
Skipped their way
Down Diagon Alley
With Phyllis the poisonous snail


Once a Phyllis
Always a Phyllis
A Phyllis she will be

Once a Phyllis
Always a Phyllis
A Phyllis she will be

Miss McKee she suddenly smiled
At the father of her yet to be child
"Oh Severus dear
How you brighten my year
I'm making an entrance in style!"

Though impassive in tone
Snape inwardly moaned
And swooped away on his bat like stride
“Flick it Ari! Flick the eyebrow!
And apologise!”


“We’re already here”
“I’m already hungry”
“Shush no tutting!”
The witchard looked angry
“Quiet in the bookshop!”
Gwen innocently smiled
And Ari just rolled her eyes

Tweedle dum and tweedle dumber
“You’re not Angelina, you’re Arianna!”
 “Sure thing, butterfly wing!”
The creepy goth chick buys a snail


How is that too obvious? Don’t you understand?
I could have hired out a big brass band,
And huge red arrows on a giant sign
For a party of the secret snail!

Awkward babies
With awkward cake
An awkward degree
And an awkward mistake

They live awkward jobs
Beneath awkward sun
They'll explode awkwardly above our heads
One by one.


Malfoy almost surprised the wizarding nation
 Without saying “my father”
 For a whole conversation
Yet it wasn’t to be
For the ferret I see
That I have the misfortunate to know

That boy he’s so charming, such wit and such spark
I hope he gets raped and then eaten by a shark
But first can I shoot him, and push him off a bridge
Into the river below


Teapots are actually people too
Wasting their tea is a cruel thing to do
Don’t throw it out of a nearby window
Though it’s unlimited supply!

Yo yo. Hey ho. Listen to me go
If you can't catch up y'all all too slow.

Gwen tried to avoid Malfoy's coerced affection
By starting up a china cat collection
She promised to clean it every day of her life
Rather than become young Draco's wife

Yet Ari had a determined look in her eyes
"Cleaning china cats together
Is the perfect bonding exercise"
Would it be worth it for a profiterole pasty?
Detention versus deliciousness
Firstie, it’s a nickname dear
Remember that Gwen knows best

What on earth is a Snickerdoodle?
Ninja? or a funeral director?
Steve Jobs or a Death Eater?
They’re probably all the same


Dumbledore singing to Katy Perry
Bloody Baron’s dancing’s extraordinary
How many imaginary rainbows can I excrete?
Snape’s goldfish impression’s a treat

Umbridge looked on with an expression of distaste
It resided unending upon her face
“Hamburger, Chinese water torture”
And thus the year begins


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

101 Songs 4 Chords

Well this is new. In practise for a video that I hope to upload sometime soon and also for general awesomeness I have recorded my own version of the four chord song. If you don't know what that is then you can youtube "the axis of awesome four chord song" but basically the last 50 years or so most of the music released has all used the same 4 chords. I don't think anyone has ever made a video with 101 songs before but I thought I would.

Apologies for the few mistakes, mainly when I got the piano wrong. Performing in front of an audience even though it is just a camera made me nervous. But apart from that I hope you enjoy.  I recorded this so many times because I had to do it one take as I am unable to video edit :P And I kept on making mistakes. And eventually the first take with minimal mistakes my voice had worn out so I had to wait until the next day to record this take. But the advantage is that I now know this song so well I was able to struggle through it at double speed which is amusing. Hopefully I shall record that too.

Here is a list of the 101 songs.

1.       Journey- Don’t Stop Believing
2.       James Blunt- You’re Beautiful
3.       Richard Marx- Wherever You Go
4.       Alphaville- Forever Young
5.       Blink 182- Adam’s Song
6.       Jason Mraz- I’m Yours
7.       Mika- Happy Ending
8.       Amiel- Lovesong
9.       Black Eyed Peas- Where Is The Love?
10.   Alex Lloyd- Amazing
11.   The Calling- Wherever You Will Go
12.   Bush- Glycerine
13.   Akon- Don’t Matter
14.   Lady Gaga- Paparazzi
15.   John Denver- Take Me Home, Country Roads
16.   Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Soul To Squeeze
17.   Thirsty Merc- Twenty Good Reasons
18.   Elton John- Can You Feel The Love Tonight?
19.   Lighthouse Family – High
20.   Alicia Keys- No One
21.   The Last Goodnight- Pictures of You
22.   Katherine McPhee- Terrified
23.   Maroon 5- She Will Be Loved
24.   U2- With Or Without You
25.   Linkin Park- Shadow of the Day
26.   Crowded House- Fall At Your Feet
27.   Sean Kingston- Beautiful Girls (Suicidal)
28.   Kasey Chambers- Not Pretty Enough
29.   The Beatles- Let It Be
30.   Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Under The Bridge
31.   Michael Jackson- Man In The Mirror
32.   Rihanna- Take A Bow
33.   Banjo Paterson- Waltzing Matilda
34.   Daryl Braithwaite- The Horses
35.   Men At Work- Down Under
36.   Train- Hey Soul Sister
37.   Bob Marley- No Woman No Cry
38.   Marcy Playground- Sex and Candy
39.   Semisonic- Closing Time
40.   AFHV- The Funny Things You Do
41.   Green Day- Basket Case
42.   Jack Johnson- Taylor
43.   Spice Girls- Two Become One
44.   Eddie Money- Take Me Home Tonight
45.   Taylor Swift- Love Story
46.   A-Ha- Take On Me
47.   Beyonce- If I Were A Boy
48.   Michelle Branch- Where Are You Now?
49.   Shakira- Whenever, Wherever
50.   Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Snow
51.   Eagle Eye Cherry- Save Tonight
52.   Joan Osbourne- One Of Us
53.   Smashing Pumpkins- Bullet With Butterfly Wings
54.   Offspring- Self Esteem
55.   Toto- Africa
56.   Sean Kingston- Replay
57.   Kelly Clarkson- Behind These Hazel Eyes
58.   Jason Derulo- In My Head
59.   Cheb Khaled- Aicha
60.   Avril Levigne- Complicated
61.   Offspring- You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid
62.   Pink- You And Your Hand
63.   Scott McKenzie- San Francisco
64.   Linkin Park- Numb
65.    Green Day- When I Come Around
66.   Nena- 99 Luftballons
67.   One Republic- Apologise
68.   Eminem- Love The Way You Lie
69.   Akon- Beautiful
70.   O-Zone Dragostea Din Tei
71.   MGMT- Kids
72.   Bon Jovi- It’s My Life
73.   Eminem- Not Afraid
74.   Coldplay- Life in Technicolor II
75.   Lady Gaga- Poker Face
76.   Aqua- Barbie Girl
77.   The Fray- You Found Me
78.   Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Otherside
79.   3Oh!3- Don’t Trust Me
80.   Lonely Island- I Just Had Sex
81.   The Gregory Brothers- Double Rainbow Song
82.   Tim Minchin- Canvas Bags
83.   Natalie Imbruglia- Torn
84.   Andrea Bocelli- Con Te Partiro
85.   Robert Burns- Auld Lang Syne
86.   The Axis of Awesome- Birdplane
87.   Katy Perry- Hot ‘N’ Cold
88.   Justin Bieber- Baby
89.   Katy Perry- Firework
90.   Katy Perry- California Gurls
91.  Abba- Mamma Mia
92.   Supergott- Caramelldansen
93.   Starkids- I Wanna Be A Starship Ranger
94.   Aerosmith- Crying
95.   Celine Dion- My Heart Will Go On
96.   Judy Garland- Over The Rainbow
97.   Rebecca Black- Friday
98.   Kesha- Your Love Is My Drug
99.   Bruno Mars- Just The Way You Are
100.   Adele- Someone Like You
101.                        Missy Higgins- Scar

Octa In Da House

Ok so there are two posts that I've wanted to upload for a very long time. Both of them are songs. Hopefully I should have one of them posted by this evening.
The second song is an original one and there is a section in which I try  to rap.
This is a sneak preview of what I will look like.

I swear I shall not be able to keep a straight face. But anyway I hope it is online soon.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

My Epiphany

I just realised that May backwards is yam.

That is all.