Sunday, 5 December 2010

Darkane Claw

This poem was written for Darkane. You are a brilliant artist and I hope that you enjoy this. This is what I feel the world would be like with no art. So keep on drawing or the universe might end up like this. No pressure :)

Darkane Claw

Swirling colours
Shattered minds
Spiral clouds
Shuttered blinds

Remnants of art
Tendrils of thought
Fall of a shadow
Death of a sport

Disease of a body
Plague of the brain
Rise of depression
Birth of the pain

Ghost of a hope
Loss of a dream
Curse of a loved one
Sound of a scream

Crash of a melody
Strike of a Claw
Trial of happiness
Close of a door

Decay of beauty
Besmirch of Darkane
Lapse into chaos
Insanity’s reign


  1. Great poem, Octaboona!


    I love it, you're such a great poet, with a beautiful language range :)

  2. Awesome poem. Thanks so much for writing one for me. :)

  3. *looks at Leona's comment*

    ALL kinds of art.