The Continually Changing, Ever Varied Random Facts About My Blog

So as the stats on my blog can only be seen by me I thought I'd make this page to share them with you, along with some stats of my very own!


Now the stats will keep on changing so I don't know how up to date these will always be but at least they are there.


My facts first.

Facts about Poems (Alphabetical Order)

Name:                                                  Person:                                    Words:

A Bleak Christmas                              Florence Black                        180

A Recoil Reaction                               Octaboona Ambrosius            267

Alpaca?                                               Skylara Wolfbane                   337

Armies of Radiance                            Pyro Dawn Tyromant             290

As Mad As A Hatter                          Skulgirl 13                               272

Broken Promises                                 Alex (Necros)                        223

Dance of the Deepwoods                   Octaboona and Kallista          189

Darkane Claw                                     Darkane Claw                         82

Forever Friends                                   Dee                                         187

Golden God                                        Derek Landy                           116

Goodbye                                             Knight Fantasy                       210

Human Inferno                                   Leo Sparks                              233

Iridescent Indigo                                Octaboona Ambrosius             281

Kallista’s Feast                                    Kallista Pendragon                166

Lamentations of the Living                 Alexia Rue                             244
Ode to a Pillar                                     Octaboona Ambrosius           157

Servant to Serum                                Lizzy (Bridget)                       235

Sweet Dreams                                     Thrice Dozer                          182

The Black Sound                                Sarthacus Bolt                        216

The Dusk Defier                                 Nyx Dawn                              238

The Elviana Shore                               Tristessa Murano                   554

The Frying Pan                                    Mar Chu                                232

The Gentle Assassin                            Rosella Embers                     332

The Grey Months                                Octaboona Ambrosius           203

The Lone Wolf                                    Nicolette Croga                     197

The Loss of Hiashiness                       Mary Hiashi                           391

The Nightmare Child                          Octaboona Ambrosius            351

The Pursuit of Hiashiness                   Mary Hiashi                           318

The Skies of Oblivion                         Skyril Oblivion                      246

The Susurrus                                       Hellboy                                  659

The Unfortunate Mishap...                  Dragona Pine                         362

Vale of Tears                                       Lunar Tears                           141

Now the same information but in a different order. Yes that of word count!

Darkane Claw 82

Golden God 116

Vale of Tears 141

Ode to a Pillar 157

Kallista’s Feast 166

A Bleak Christmas 180

Sweet Dreams 182

Forever Friends 187

Dance of the Deepwoods 189

The Lone Wolf 197

The Grey Months 203

Goodbye 210

The Black Sound 216

Broken Promises 223

The Frying Pan 232

Human Inferno 233

Servant to Serum 235

The Dusk Defier 238

Lamentations of the Living 244
The Skies of Oblivion 246

A Recoil Reaction 267

As Mad As A Hatter 272

Iridescent Indigo 281

Armies of Radiance 290

The Pursuit of Hiashiness 318

The Gentle Assassin 332

Alpaca? 337

The Nightmare Child 351

The Unfortunate Mishap of Dragona Pine 362

The Loss of Hiashiness 391

The Elviana Shore 554

The Susurrus 659

And now for the third lot of information by order of date... well... that's what the archive on my blog is for.

I think I'll make a different page for the other stats.