Thursday, 13 September 2012

Why is fanfiction so awesome?

So this will be another thoughtsy sort of a post. I do believe I started many a post with the word so in recent months. Next time will be different!

Anyway. Recently a very good friend was worried about her writing. She felt that others may see it as being copying a certain scene of Lord of the Rings.

Here are my thoughts on the matter and my reply to her.

Inspiration is all about building on the works of others. We all stand on the shoulders of others. To be inspired by a book or a poem or a song, by a piece of music or something on TV, to take their message and tales and add to them and play with them and make them your own is to be admired not something to be feared. That is why fanfiction is so wonderful, an idea is only improved by planting it in some other persons mind where it will grow and then sending it racing amongst a network of people. And if people can see from where you have been inspired it only adds to your creation rather than lessening it for it lets them know more about the creator and what sort of person they might be.
Stories are all about human connections and to be able to see those connections being formed is the most beautiful thing of all.

Hence why copyright lasting for hundreds of years is generally a very sucky thing.


  1. This is a very well said statement that brings me LOtS of relief and reassurance. It si freeing so that I can just write what I feel and not second guess myself and everythign that has already been written. If some one bothers me and tries to discourage me but telling me I copied from some place else, I will point to what you said Octa. Thank you!
    Your friend sounds a little insane. ;P But she is lucky to have you by her side.

    1. I would liek to say sorry for the typos. I did try to fix them but blogger was being unkind and kept freezing on me.
      I would also just liek to state: I LOVE OCTABOONA! <3

  2. That- that is just- that is justsoinspirational you are the PURPLE POET YES.