Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Path and The Walker

This is a poem that I wrote months ago and then promptly lost. Now that it is once again found I decided to post it. Enjoy!

The Path and The Walker

I don’t chose the things I cry about
That doesn’t make me heartless
When I can’t shed a tear
For that small lifeless deer
That left you frozen in grief and darkness

I don’t chose the things I laugh about
That doesn’t make me a bore
When I barely smile
At that joke ‘bout the Nile
That left you rolling on the floor

And I don’t chose what I live to love
But I’m glad that they chose me
For with an open mind and a brimming heart
I’m swept away the moment I start
Each new discovery brings irrevocable change
By dramatically increasing the awesome

Dumbledore, Dobby and poor little Rue
Stephie Erlich from Doctor Who
Each of their deaths had me sobbing and sobbing
For minutes or hours or days
Yet give me Fred Weasley or Kenspeckle Grouse
Or Ianto or The Fault In Our Stars
And I’ve nothing, I’ve nothing, I’ve nothing, I’ve nothing
For the infinity that was ours


  1. Octa! I love this poem. (and I love you)It is written so cleverly and I feel there is this hidden message underneath. I sense a story there. It intrigues me. I want to know what it is. I just can't fugure it out. It definitely is not confusing. Just wonderful and deep. Tell this shallow mind more about your brilliant poem!
    *hugs tightly*

  2. This poem is about how emotions aren't something you chose to feel, certain things that are beyond your control set them off. I've chosen to focus mainly on fictional characters (from both books and TV shows) that either have or haven't had an emotional affect on me.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is different things will result in different emotions for different people and those differences are good and people should embrace them not ostracize people for not reacting the same way you do.

    I gave particular examples that had or hadn't affected me as they are the only ones I can talk about.

    Hope I've made it clearer :)

    1. It's all about choice and lack of choice and how the fact that I'm so lucky to have come across so many awesome books and TV shows and people.

    2. I'm sorry Octa. I left you a comment and thought I posted it. :/ It must have seemed as if I was creless of the tiemyou took to explain thigns to me. I am sorry. That was not the case. I am really glad you were patient with me and helped me out here. I love this poem so much and am glad to understand it better now.
      *hgus tight* You are so amazing and so wonderful and filled with such amazing things!
      I love you Octa. Thank you for explaining things to me.

  3. This is a very true and accurate poem, Octa. I can really relate. Wonderful.