Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Eternal Swans

Poem be here. I also found a lost poem from ages ago and poem will shortly be there too.

Eternal Swans

Transcending time
Impending night
Eternal glow
Of candlelight

Predating gods
Outliving sea
Encircling pride 
Transfixing me

A skull of gold
With congealed eyes
Those emerald wings
Crawling with flies

A beautiful horror
The dust on its bones
Delights and reviles
Those sparkling stones

The creak of vanished tendons
The gristle groaning grey
As she takes to the air
Whilst the death-merchants pray

They pray to twisted spirits
That they look upon as prey
A clamouring song of yellow blood
And the final close of day

She leads them marching onwards
With a cobweb for their sky
Eternal swans on a lustreless lake
The dead who refused to die


  1. This a beautiful but creepy (in a goodway) poem! It paints a vivid picture for me. It really inspires my imagination too.
    This could even be a story. *gets wierd looks* :P
    I don't know why I think that. But I am captivated by the magic of this poem. It is a magic that is present in every oen of your poems Octa. I love it!
    It is wonderful to be able to read one of your poems again! *hugs*

  2. This is so wonderful. Brilliant and haunting and beautiful. It's so descriptive. I love it!