Friday, 14 September 2012

Good Morning Voldemort

OK. So the other poem is going to have to wait. The following arose during school today and I had to share it with you guys. The following song is a parody of Good Morning Baltimore from Hairspray and is sung by Bellatrix Lestrange. I hope some time in the future to turn this into a video but hopefully you'll know the tune (if not then youtube it). Enjoy!

Good Morning Voldemort

Oh, oh, oh
Dearest Dark Lord
I just have to applaud your treachery
Oh, oh, oh
Hungry for more than
Your supple snake
Your thirteen inch wand
You’ve murdered and maimed
He Who Must Not Be Named
Raining down chaos from
High above
Oh, oh, my
Ecstasy grows
At your absolute
Lack of a nose

Good morning Voldemort
You’re the downfall of Gryffindor
Love the way that you split your soul
Seven parts to a former whole
Good morning Voldemort
May you never be mortal once more
I love your depravity
Voldemort and me

Oh, oh oh,
Your red eyed stare
Is beyond compare in every way
Oh, oh oh,
 I’ve got my Dark Mark upon my arm
The pain’s like a charm
When you speak Parseltounge
The hiss from your lungs
Seems to say “Bella I love you too”
So, oh, oh,
 Don’t hold me back
Azkaban I escaped just for you

Good morning Voldemort
I would kill that fool Dumbledore
Snape is nothing, a worthless tool
Worst Headmaster of Hogwarts School
Good morning Voldemort
Even  the mighty Dementors implore
To succumb to your mastery
Voldemort and me

I know every curse, I know every jinx
I know he's a Horcrux. I'm not. That stinks.
I cannot wait for our life to begin
I cannot wait for you to Slytherin
You too Slytherins  

So, Oh, Oh
Give me a chance
I can kill at a glance, be a Death Eater
I’ll be the
Best of the best, just give your commands
And I’ll do the rest
 My relief from our struggles
Is torturing muggles
Whilst yelling “The Potter boy’s got to go!”
Oh, oh, oh
Don’t make me wait
One more moment to say crucio
Good moaning, good moaning
Waiting to say crucio

I love you Voldemort
The Longbottoms fell to the floor
My love for you is the sort that blinds
As I watched them both lose their minds
I promise Voldemort
I’ll be by your side for the whole of this war
I'll murder that house elf Dobby
For that is my destiny
Voldemort and me

We’ll make our world pure (mudblood free)
Voldemort and me
He’ll stroke my face with Nagini
Voldemort and me








  1. LOL Nice and creepy! Like, SHIVER ME TIMBERS creepy!
    This is dark fun and made me laugh. Oh, how I love your cleverness Octaboona!
    *hugs him and kidnapps him from Voldemort*