Sunday, 16 September 2012

Every Footstep Equals Death

Yeah, like, we're all murderers dude! Of billions of invisible creatures! Maaaaan.

Enjoy :P

Every Footstep Equals Death

Every footstep that I take
Every time I close my eyes
Every breath that leaves my lungs
An unseen crowd of creatures dies

A walking talking death machine
Of countless animalcules
Single celled
Not long for this world
My every action causes hell

Perishing, writhing
No hope of surviving
The invisible swarm
I deform
Bodies still warm

So suddenly I’m made aware
That murder flows from every breath
Where every heartbeat drowns their souls
And every footstep equals death


  1. We just go and kill everything *shakes head sadly*

    This is a great poem :D

  2. This is a beautiful poem, Octa. It is truly unbelievable that yes, we are walking death-bringers. It's really rouses sorrow to think that we carelessly wander with blood on our hands, but whilst we bring death, we also bring life. Going on from the theme of micro-lives, without us, millions of species of bacteria and such would not be able to survive. Of course, I am not making an effort to contradict you, merely stating that we are not only death-bringers, but life-givers.

    Well done, Octa, on another astoundingly beautiful poem. Thank you for posting.

  3. You have a wonderful unique way of looking at things and further astound me when you take what you thing and how you feel and write extraordinary poems from them. *hugs tight* I love this so much!
    Sorry for the lateness of my comment. I had read this and have been meaning to reply for some time now.