Friday, 2 December 2011

The Last Three Days

Well it's been an interesting few days. Firstly I've been ill with a really bad cold/headache. Yesterday I went to see the school play. It was really excellent. And then this morning.

Well. The school caught fire. It was certainly an interesting form time. It was lucky that no one got hurt. And we didn't evacuate mainly because it was the evacuation point that had caught fire. The building was quite remote from the rest of the school. We were all fine.

The fire brigade arrived shortly after.

Hopefully this will explain why I haven't been around lately. And in 6 days I'm going to Poland for a week so I'll be absent then too.


  1. *hugs Octa tightly* I am glad you nor anyone else was hurt! I'm sorry you were ill though.:(

  2. Wow :) At least u had something interesting happening...

    sucky exams all week for moi :P

    Hope the blasted illness leaves sooooon!!!!

  3. Oh dear. Your school caught fire. Your school. Caught FIRE. Holy......

    I'm glad no one got hurt.

    Sorry about your cold, though. Being sick sucks. Have fun in Poland!

  4. The EVACUATION PLACE caught fire? Wow. Talk about a back-firing plan. No pun intended.

    Glad no one got hurt though, Octa.

    You have a cold too? Me as well. If you're coughing and loosing your voice, let's get T-shirts.


  5. T-Shirts!

    WOOO! *breaks off and has a coughing fit*


  6. Hahahahahahaa- *stumbles back, coughing and weezing*

    *starts making blog t-shirts*

    Hmm...what should they say...thry should be purple, obviously, but...maybe it should be the oppisite of purple on the color wheel because we're far from well...hmmm...lots to think about...

  7. *hugs* Hope you're feeling better! Glad nobody was hurt i the fire. Scary.

    Also, Poland! Take pictures!

  8. So the T-shirts should be yellow? or purple and yellow?

    The T-Shirts could say:

    Derek Fans Tormented By Ailments

    And it could have a picture of Derek in the style of pizza John.

    And then we have an awesome T-shirt because it is purple(yellow) references Derek, Nerdfighters and has a pun references our illnesses!

  9. Pictures of Poland. Yes. They'll be pretty deprerssing though. It's a very somber trip. We're visiting concentration camps.


  10. Oh. Not sure if somber even begins to cover that. I'm sure there must be some non-horrifying aspects to Poland, too, though, so I hope you are able to see some of those.

  11. Well yes it's not all concentration camps. Poland had over 1000 years of rich Jewish history before most of it was destroyed in the Holocaust. We'll be seeing that too.

  12. Did I offend you? I didn't mean to. I'm sorry. *hugs*

  13. What? Offended? Me? :P No I'm not offended at all!


    Did I come across as offended? I ddidn't mean to. it's so hard to convey tone over the internet.

  14. Aw...concentration camps...

    Hmm...well, when I think of yellow on a t-shirt, it's not very a pleasant color. I don't really have many yellow-coloured t-shirts. So, purple.

    Hmmm...OH! So, it could say "Derek Fans Tortured By Ailments", with Derek below, and a speech bubble coming from him! He could be saying (heh, Nerdfighters here) "French The Llama That's A Bad Cough!"


  15. Awesome Mar!

    We have our T-shirt. Now how on earth do you actually make the thing?

  16. Yes! T-shirts should be purple!

    *facepalms* GAAAAH!!! I can't believe I missed you today Octa!
    *sighs* Had no clue you were here.

    *glares jealously at the ones lucky enough to chat with him*


    *stalks off*

    *falls in a large hole*

    *999,999,999 bolts of lightning stikes her while in the hole *


  17. And that is the reason why Kallistas never stalk~

    *kind of slowly lowers a ladder into the whole*

    *plan backfires when Mar is pulled in as well in the extra weight on the ladder*

    *wails while falling down*


  18. Hmm... I feel as if there are sights where you can make your own t-shirts, but all the same...

    *strokes immaginary beard*

    I think google will have to be used in this quest.

    (But first, I feel this sudden urge to watch one of the first two Harry Potter movies, because I can't seem to remember the first actor who played Dumbledor. And he was the better! But i have to say, the second one seemed to start to pull through for the last three movies. But then he kind of died. Am i ranting? I think I'm ranting. I should also watch the Order Of The Pheonix. I have that saved. I like that movie. And I completely lost the book in the move, so I shoyld watch it to feel complete again. I am ranting, aren't I? Well then. TO HOGWARTS!!!)

  19. *saves Mar, hugs her, and shares some smores with her*

    I like it when you rant Mar. :D You say such fun and wonderful things! YAY
    RANT ON!!!!

  20. I am back from Poland a changed person.
    We never did make those T-shirts.

    Well we definately should.

  21. Woah. That must've been very....uh....eventful?