Thursday, 15 December 2011

Derek T Shirt

Hehe. Here is the first design of the T-shirt. Two problems. One it costs about £60 from the site I used. Two can some one with actual artisitc talent make a better T-shirt/


  1. Hmmm.... now it tells me it's £24.49

    Much more reasonable

  2. Octa! I love it! FTL!!! XDDDDD
    I think it is EPICA! I would not be able to do half as splendidly as you Octa!
    I'm sure the other srtists here will also love teh shirt!
    WELL DONE!!!!!

  3. ...british currency...british currency...WHAT DOES IT MEEEEAN?

    *talks to the fish on the side that she just noticed for the first time occupied this blog*

    Cool! You ACTUALLY made a t-shirt!

    But can you please explain to be British Currency Compared to our American Dollar? ($)

  4. Sure. As of 16 December £1 is the same as $1.55 It changes a little over time. So £24.49 is $38.04