Tuesday, 29 November 2011

One Amazing Year

I may cry by the end of this post. Just a warning. I'm about to indulge myself in an awful lot of nostalgia and reminiscing. For today 29th November is exactly one year since I joined the blog. And what a fantastic year it has been. I have made over 100 new friends (currently 106, including me although I'm undoubtedly missing someone, or more than one, sorry! I still love you!) some of whom I know I will keep for life.
Here is a list of all these wonderful people. You all deserve to be mentioned by name.

Firstly we have the great Derek Landy without whom none of us would ever have known each other. Your decision to make a blog has impacted my life in so many ways, all for the better. Thank you oh Golden God. We are all so proud of you.

1.      Kallista Pendragon
2.      Dragona Pine
3.      Nicolette Croga
4.      Lunar Tears
5.      Skylara Wolfbane
6.      Knight Fantasy
7.      Darkane Claw
8.      Sarthacus Bolt
9.  Mary Hiashi
10.  Skulgirl 13
11.  Skyril
12.  Thrice Dozer
13.  Florence Black
14.  Leo Sparks
15.  Hellboy
16.  Lizzy
17.  Pyro Dawn Tyromant
18.  Rosella Embers
19.  Mar-chu
20.  Alex (Necros)
21.  Tristessa Murano
22.  Nyx Dawn
23.  Alexia Rue
24.  Quinnera Elviana
25.  Lenka Sweet
26.  Aquila Felis
27.  Thalia Circe
28.  Bryony Rose
29.  Thor
30.  Ann Marie
31.  Isabella Midnight
32.      Niall
33.      Jaffa Morbid
34.      Venice Rain
35.      Luna Tonks Foaly
36.      Everisse Eterna
37.      Lily Thornton
38.      Pandora Wakeshima
39.      Ayesha
40.      Rachel
41.  Mir
42.  Leona Raine
43.  Orius Rove
44.  Jasmine Lovelace
45.  Iris Blackflower
46.  Crescent Lovelorn
47.  Indigo Darke Light
48.  Lilith Nightshade
49.  Gepard Valk
50.  NJ Maverick
51.  Taia
52.  Rubescent Sunshine
53.  Nicole
54.  Legolas
55.  Chanoro Flashfreeze
56.  Blood Butterflies
57.  Ghost
58.  Sadhbh
59.  That Latkinson Guy
60.  DogslikesBones
61.  nights.raven
62.  Snoogy
63.  Genesis Aggelos
64.  Tori
65.  Halo Pickle
66.  Wonka
67.  Jaguar
68.  Brambo
69.  Amelie Cain
70.  Scarlet Creed
71.  Morgana Wolf
72.  Evangeline Crow
73.  Insanity Nova Moonshine
74.  Donkey Shooter
75.  Luna Devine
76.  Cypher Infamous
77.  Krane Farlin
78.  Vivianna Spark
79.  Pink Rose
80.  Zombie
81.  Kribu
82.  Desswarph Cess
83.  Vanaerah Dire
84.  Rue Nightlock
85.  Natalie Jay
86.  Red Waterfall
87. Mary Ellen Elizabeth
88. Falcon Rider
89. Dee
90. Tanith Odile
91. Lacuna Chee
92. Jill Valentina
93. Clauinn Fhada
94. Brilliant Night
95. Minnie Miracle
96. Alexandre Requiem
97. Artemis Shakora
98. Lynith
99. Laura (of the inspiration of Valkyrie fame)
100. Shalom Chung
101. Charris Chung
102. Yuu New
103. Lydia
104. Florence Precipitation
105. Me, Octaboona Ambrosius

So thank you all of you for being my friend.
In this year I have written 59 posts, 47 poems for 33 people, 3 stories, and 7 random bits and pieces. In addition to an 8 part fanfic on my other blog, and stuff on 10 other joint blogs. So thank you for inspiring me again to achieve so much. (And there is so much more to achieve).

During this year I have discovered so many other amazing things. Thanks to Darkane Claw for introducing me to Nerdfighteria and to Lenka Sweet for introducing me to AVPM and the other Starkid musicals. These things have made my life just that more awesome. Also Derek has mentioned me by name ten times! SO EXCITING!

So many events to mention. The night that I joined and the week that followed. Meeting so many people. Writing poetry again. Starting my first ever fanfiction. The memorable night that I first stayed up until 5 a.m. chatting on Hellboy's blog. Incidently the first time that I met Lenka. Then we had my 16th birthday. Kallista and Dragona's wedding. And this is just the first month. Other major stuff that happened this year was me taking my GCSE's (involving my absence from the blog), my two week holiday to Ireland (also involving be absent from the blog) and the giant split that occured around about February/March over the New Zealand  earthquake. (Also involving my absence from the blog).

If I had to pick two people who have had the most influence on my life it would have to be Kallista Pendragon and Quinnera Elviana. My fiancee and my best friend. Kallista, you are such a wonderful human being, it is just beyond description by mere words. You are so kind, and funny and delightful and talented. I can't wait for our wedding this Christmas. I love you. And I always will. I count myself so lucky that you chose me to love.

And we also have Quinn. You are the best friend I have. You are my delightfully insane, hilarious, witty, talented, nerdy friend. We share so much in common. Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Shakespeare, Starkids, Annoying Orange, Sporcle, Charlieissocoollike, Glee. You name it, if one of us likes it then so does the other. (Or if we haven't heard of it, we look it up, love it, and have one more amazing thing we enjoy.) You are brilliantly talented. The 2G1S fanfic, written by you and Bryony is possibly the best fanfic I've read ever.

Also congratulations to Niall and Ven and to Lego and Gen on their engagements. I'm looking forward to their weddings too!

There's probably a whole lot more that I could say or should say. But nothing comes to mind. I'm left with silence.

So here's to another wonderful year with my friends.
It's been the best.


  1. *hugs Octa tightly*
    I love you so much! You have done so much for everyone here and have influenced us all in wonderful ways! The day you came to the blogs added such an epicness beyond compare!
    So many people have added to th eepicness of it all.
    Thank you for this post. It is so wonderful that you did this! XD
    *hugs him again tightly, forever and a day*
    There is so much more I could say. But I don't want to take up more room!
    I'll end with this.
    I LOVE YOU OCTABOONA!!! I always have and always will! <3

  2. You've missed out Aquila. ^^

    It is a very very nice post... and I think, without me being soppy, that I shall end it (you REALLY don't want to see me soppy). I think that it would be best if I stopped commenting, now... ^^

  3. *couldn't find her name at first*



    *won't mention the earthquake even though she had a cousin there AND LA LA LA LA~ *

  4. He missed out on me?
    *found her name on the list*

    One year over, hopefully many to come.

  5. *couldnt find her name either*

    But then I found it and I was loved :D Youre such a sweetie Octa! I may have to steal you from Kal at this rate...

    We all love you so much <3


  6. Don't cry, Octa! Be strong!
    This is such a sweet post. Congrats on your one-year-blog-ness!
    I...I couldn't think of an actual word to put there. So..."one-year-blog-ness" will have to do.
    But seriously, congratulations. Hopefully, there'll be more epica years to come!

  7. OOOOoooH! You steal Octa from me and it will surely KILL ME!!!!

  8. *is trying really hard not to cry*


    *hugs, blubbering like a idiot*

    I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!

    *bursts into tears*


  9. *hugs everyone* We love you, Octa!

  10. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :D

    *hugs Octa*

    THANK YOU!!! I wuv woo too! Well. I know you said other stuff. But I condensed it. So yeah. (Speaking of condensed, did you know that I like condensed milk?).

    But honestly, yes, we have a ridiculous amount in common. It actually gets weird after a while.


    I'M NUMBER 24! THAT'S MY 3RD FAVOURITE NUMBER (the other two being 120 and 72)! YAY!

    Anyhoo- yes- happy *belated* 1 year anniversary! May the next be just as awesome.

    *hugs him*




    *grins like an idiot*

    We watched charlieissocoollike in Physics today (Doppler effect). It was fun. I found 5 coollike fans in my Physics class. XD

    *hugs* Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  11. Honored to be on that list, check out my post of hellboys poem, will explain things :)