Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Years and Years Ago There Were These People Called The Macabees!

Well said Ross, well said.

Anyway. Tonight is the first night of Chanukah. And so I decided to make a Chanukah post. Just to let you all know what I'll be doing these next eight days. Plus the videos are also really funny.

Firstly let's start with an educational video. Yes ELMO!

It's prounced Chhhanukah. Hanukkah? No Chhhanuka! Hanukkah? Actually both ways are right! (Although really it's actually Chanukah. Just saying.) Secondly dreidel game. Nun, Gimel, Hey and Shin. Stands for each word of the Hebrew phrase Ness Gadol Hayah Sham which means A great miracle happened there. If you live in Israel you say Poh instead of Sham (here instead of there). And as explained in the video Nun- you get nothing, Gimel you win everything. But if you land on  Hey you get half of whatever you play with and if you land on shin then you have to add one object from your pile into the central pile.

Yes I know this video has no Elmo in it but it explains the story really well. And the second song, first time is in Hebrew, second time in Yiddish and third time in English. (Although as far as I can tell the English version isn't actually a translation of the Hebrew verse but a song in its own right).

This video is hilarious. Well I get all the jokes. What's your favourite part of Chanukah?



  1. And Chan too!

    Well Yiddish is a different language. It is a mixture of Hebrew and German.

  2. LOL I like th epart when Superman flew all the JEws out of Egypt! WHat a guy!
    FTW The Chanukah Channel! VEronica Monica! LOL
    Noooooo...I bet OCTABOONA is the best dreidel spinner! :D *huggies*
    I know that song! The Dreidel Song!

    LOL The last vid IS funny! :P That last gu yis HILARIOUS! XD
    This is a really special post Octa! Thank you so much for posting it for us! *hugs*
    While some things have been explained to me by some mebers at my church, it' s nice to get a clearer view of all that goes on during your celebrations! :D
    YAY! So much FUN! What a beautiful way to celbrate God's miricles!.
    *hugs them all*

  3. Ch- Ch Chanukah! Happy Chanukah Octa :P How you have a lovely eight days

    and you were right those videos were hilarious! :D put me in a brighter mood after coming home from my doctor apointment ... stupid doctors -_- ... know since xat hates me I'll make my way to the next blog on my long list and leave a comment there ...

    HAPPY CHANUKAH OCTA AND PRYO! Now to wish the others a happy Chanukah/ christmas

  4. First- Awesome post! Have a great Chanukah! YAY!

    And second- TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I WROTE YOU A PRESENT (with the help of Bryony)!

    (Hey, I bet you don't hear that from most people, do ya?)


    You're now one year older, one year wiser and one year awesomer. May this year be just as great, if not more, than the last! It's been fantastic knowing you and I'm not very good at being sentimental but I hope you have a fantastic birthday and year of being 17.