Tuesday, 27 December 2011

All The World's A Stage

Yes! A new poem at long last. Thank you to William Shakespeare for the title and inspiration of this poem. Please enjoy!

All The World’s A Stage

If all the world’s a stage
And all the men and women merely players
What type of play is it?
And who are they performing for?

Seven billion roles in a play titled ‘Life’
Some would call it the greatest of tragedies
As at sometime or other everybody dies
The scenes are filled with endless war
Disease, despair and abject misery
The human race- racing towards annihilation
Cutting down the forests, polluting the air
Slowly but surely destroying their stage

Yet others call it an epic saga
For life is such an adventure
Exploring the most hostile places
Requiring such courage, determination, strength of will
To climb the highest mountain,
Cross the vastest desert
Delve to the deepest depths of the ocean
Even landing on the moon
Whilst always dreaming of the stars

Yet I chose to call it a masterpiece
For we are capable of such love
Able to imagine the most impossible things
And then inspire others to make them a reality
The beautiful little things,
The laugh of a child
A lover’s first kiss
Watching the sunrise
Sweet dreams

And how could any audience
Not be moved?
By the wonder and beauty
Of it all.
For though the audience, if any
Is unknown
At least, they are not unknowable

And a thought makes me smile
Not that
The world isn’t over ‘til the fat lady sings
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything
But sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste sans everything
The fat lady is able to sing at all.


  1. I love it every so much! You've got talent oozing out of you Octa, if you ever get published besides Kal I'm the first to get the book! I've got it down first!

  2. WOW! *stands in stunned amazement for a while* So extrodinary Octa! I love this! Such a moving and wonderful poem! It is yet another epica masterpiece written by a master!
    I can see this as another one of you repica poems that is worthy to be published. I know other readers will be just as delighted as I am to read this!
    Thank you for posting another fantastic poem! It is WONDERFUL to be able to read them.
    *hugs him and kisses him*
    I love you.

  3. *has fallen in love with Shakespeare*


    Aw, this is worthy of Shakespeare himself! Fnatastic, Octa!!! Fantastic!!!