Monday, 2 April 2012

Man Is Not Kind

So I was really doubting whether to post this poem at all. It's not a nice poem.
But I thought I would.
This is inspired by The Hunger Games movie. And the Vashta Nerada from Doctor Who. And of course by Thomas Malthus, poor soul who really believed in the horrors of mankind and forgot about the wonder and love we are capable of too.

Man Is Not Kind

The Greatest Delusion Of All.
Man. Is. Not. Kind.

These. Are. Our. Forests.
They. Are. Our. Meat.
The Earth Is Our Playground
It’s Life At Our Feet.

We are the fear that hides in the dark
The nightmares of children
The fiend in the mind
We are the bloodstain, the mildew, the mark
The scum of the sinful
We are mankind.

These. Are. Our Forests.
They. Are. Our Meat.
We. Are. The. Malice.
Your Flesh. Is Our Treat.

Shunned by the murderous
The men drenched in sin
The hated, the outcast
Will not let us in

Our reputation
Is so red, red, red
That all avoid us
Even the dead

These. Are. Our. Forests.
They. Are. Our Meat.
Don’t Bother To Run
We Are Hungry And Fleet

Pray to your gods.
Pray. To. Them. All.
For who can protect you?
When mankind comes to call.

These. Are. Our. Forests.
They. Are. Our Meat.
 Help. Is. Not. Coming.
We. Want. To. Eat


  1. *hugs Octa*
    I am glad you posted this even though the subject is not nice. It is still a very powerful and stirring poem. It stirs up darkness and dread and fear. I love it! :D
    I just saw that episode of Doctor Who with the Vashta Nerada. (can't we make a nice little bug spray for the creepy things and spray them like we do bugs?) :P
    Anyhow, LOVE YOUR POEM OCTA! It's so dark and wonderful and thrilling! I love the way your talent shines in all things my love! BRAVO!!!

  2. I think that if Thomas Malthus had met the Purple Poet, his outlook on everything would be so much brighter. He would see the very best in human kind and be able to celebrate the beauty that can come from human kind! <3
    I know because it happened for me.

  3. This is a very powerful poem, Octa. The subject is so true. Very very dark, but wonderful as usual.

  4. Another dark one. I loved the Vashta Nerada episode, and I can see how that all relates...

    Hah...mankind. The poem's right, we really aren't.

  5. This is a really deep and meaningful poem, Octa! It is lovely. You are such a talented writer (but you knew that) and I know exactly what you are getting at. It is truly spectacular, melancholy, dark, and so very, very true. Man is not kind.

    Thank you for posting!

  6. I'm glad you all praised this poem but just to reiterate I don't believe that this is the only aspect of mankind.

    I suspect I shall follow with a much happier poem about the lighter side of man.