Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Road Not Taken

So as you may have realised I am very good at procrastinating. About 4 months ago I went on the Poland trip. I said I would write up a huge giant diary account thing and have it done by February. Well I've got most of it done but I keep procrastinating. Soon I say. Or perhaps not soon. I don't know. And then 10 months ago I said I'd make a post about my holiday to Ireland and how I spent most of it hunting for Derek. Alas I doubt that I'll write that ever. But the reason for this is that my friend made a film about the trip which I thought I would share. I posted the trailer in January and the film is now on youtube. I feature in it as the person at the end reading Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken". So now the internet knows who I am, I wonder if you'll spot me previously in the video.
I don't know if anyone actually wants to spend half an hour watching a group of students tour the death camps of Nazi occupied Poland. But it meant a lot to me and I hope it means something to you too.


  1. This is really fascinating, Octa. Thank you for sharing!

    You have the BEST accent ever! I'm so jealous! ^^

    Thank you for posting, Octa! I really enjoyed the video.

  2. Me? Accent? Best? Meee?

    I find my voice quite monotonous when I read to be honest.

    No, no it's the Irish and Australian accents that are awesome.

  3. First of all, thank you Octa for posting this. You shared something so special and incredible that even on this side of the screen I was deeply touched and moved to tears. I am so glad you were able to go on this journey with your fellow classmates and sharing something so powerful and intense. I feel so lucky to be able to get just a glimps of what went on. It was wonderful to see all over you as a people showing that you have overcome the evil that befelll your precious ancestors. You are God's chosen people and you will never be put down!
    I was wondering about the songs yuo all sang in this vid. I wondered the meaning of each of them. I liked the one towards the end with everyone in a big room and singing and doing motions. What was happening there?
    I also really love that for teh 1st time I have heard your voice, it is when you are reading a poem. :D How marvolous! It is a WONDERFUL VOICE! XD *hugs*
    ALso, YES! You have the BEST accent ever. But I also agree with you that Irish and Australian accents are epic too! I must also add Scottish accents. Love those! :D
    I am a girl with no accent. :/ How boring. :P Blah! Can't even fake 'em. (did try once but sounded more like a pirate. Go figure) :P
    Oh, and one more thing. Here where I live, a onsie is like an under garment for an infant. One that is soft and goes over the infant's head and snaps by the diaper area. :D (its a pain in the butt when changing a baby)
    Anyhow, shortly after your trip I remember you saying something about some girls getting stuck in a onsie. XD So now you know what went through my mind. LOL