Saturday, 18 February 2012

A Very Skulduggery Day Out

So last Wednesday I believe was the very first blogger union. Myself, Pyro, Venice and Gen all met up and spent an afternoon wandering around the streets of London. We eventually ended up outside Buckingham Palace. I doubt that I shall be able to describe the experience properly as I'm not really sure what to say.  We didn't actually do very much apart from a lot of walking and talking. But it was an extremely awesome experience. After meeting up at a train station- all arriving at varying degrees of lateness, we just walked around looking into some shops and eventually ending up outside Buckingham Palace. We were all wearing unusual hats except for Pyro who didn't participate. I wore a fez, and Gen and Ven wore sailor hats. Despite our best efforts we were unable to get Pyro to wear a policeman helmet. So um... yeah. We had a great time. Here be some pictures.

Pyro did eventually give in and wear the sailor hat for the photo

Our attempts at taking the photo ourselves sort of failed.

I think I forgot to explain to the tourist how to use the zoom button.

So Pyro took a photo instead. Also I look like a giraffe.

So thus concludes our Very Skulduggery Day Out. I hope to repeat the experience sometime soon. And if anyone else wants to write up a better version please feel free.


  1. *giggles and claps her hands* YAY! You got Pyro to wear a hat! If I was there I would have noogied him till he put a hat on! XD
    Looks like so much FUUUUUUUUUUUN!
    You look so adorable and EPICA in your fez dearest Octa!
    You are the most lovely and sweetest giraffs I have EVER seen!
    (and NO I don't think you like liek a giraff)
    You are my wonderful handsome PURPLE POET!
    *hugs him tightly*
    I love you Octa!




  3. I wish I could've been there...But there seems to be a severe lack of teleporters here in Canada. Damn monkeys probably stole them.

    Wow...Those are some fancy gates...

    Blessed be,
    Miss Mary Hiashi

  4. Lol :D That's epic!! so cool you guys managed to meet up :)

    Must all do that some day :D

  5. Wow! That's so cool that you guys all met up!
    Also Octa - truely loving the fez. ;)
    I tried to go out the house wearing mine but my mum snatched it off my head and said I would die if I went out in it.
    But one day...when she isn't looking...
    Mwahahahaha- *Skylara coughs and splutters madly*
    Lol, anyways, glad you all had fun :D

  6. I wasn't the latest and sans hat no what no why are you looking at me like that!

  7. I wasn't the latest and sans hat no what no why are you looking at me like that!