Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Amphigory Mumpsimus

Well here is my OC for Amphigory Mumpsimus. Also can be found on Biorama. He's so adorable. He'll be featuring in a poem some time soon. Well I hope so.
Just to get to know him here is an OC.

NAME: Amphigory Mumpsimus
AGE: 104- looks 104
HAIR COLOR: Bald- but hazel-y brown back when he had hair
HAIR STYLE: Well it used to be a monastic tonsure. Now he doesn’t have one.
HEIGHT: 5ft 7
WEIGHT: 168 pounds
BODY TYPE: Well I would say he has a rotund body shape.
PERSONALITY: Obstinate. Rather frail and tottery now. Ridiculously obstinate. Eccentric. His viewpoints are often nonsensical and bizarre. But he stubbornly maintains them.
WEARS: A plain brown habit consisting of a tunic, scapular, cowl and hood.
FAVORITE COLORS: Beige. Brown. Anything suitably dull and dreary.
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Oh British most definitely. Probably a Novocastrian.   With a rather gruff voice. And a Geordie accent.
HISTORY:  Well born in 1908. Orphaned. Taken in by the local monastery. Always a child who preferred his own company. Grew up as a monk. His bizarre religious views meant that he was often kept out of sight. Now he is old. Nothing particularly exciting. He led a life as a scribe and a pea planter devoted to God. I only really made him because he’s adorable.  
FAMILY: None. An orphan and an only child. Also a bachelor.
POWERS: Well none magical wise as he is a mortal.
FAVORITE WEAPONS: Monks? With weapons? Obviously his staff and flowerpot combination.
OTHER SKILLS: The flowerpots come in handy for growing pea plants in.
FRIENDS: Octaboona Ambrosius. Kallista Pendragon. Hestia Honeysuckle. Clarabelle.
ENEMIES: Why those dratted tomato planters. Blasphemers the lot of them! And don’t get him started on those devoted to the cauliflower. THE ONLY TRUE WAY IS THE PEA WAY!
HATES: Any vegetable that isn’t a pea. Also barley soup. And cats.
LIKES: (Can you guess?)
ADDRESS:  He still lives in the monastery. Somewhere near Newcastle.
JOB: Scribe. The pea planting is more of a hobby. Mania. Whatever.
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: His legs still serve him pretty well.
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT:  His flowerpots. His staff. And his pea seeds.
IN FIVE WORDS: Obstinate monk loves pea plants.
NOTES:  Peas. Peas. Peas. DIE YOU BELIEVERS IN THE ASPARAGUS. Peas. Peas. Peas. Peas. I am not a hedgehog. Please go away. I have peas to plant.


  1. Aww! Cute!
    He's so adorable!

    Is it okay that I could use him in a Fanfic sometime soon? Please? (Like, as a teacher or something of the like)

    Well, as always,you have designed a fantastic character!


  2. FTW PEAS!
    *huggies the OC*
    Fantastic my love! He will be so much fun to use in a story!
    I too seek permission fro m my love to use this epic OC! MAy I please, my darling?
    *bows low before Octa with a flourish*

  3. I hereby give my permission for darling Amphigory to be used by anyone however they wish!