Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Potter Puppet Pals

*is crying with laughter and also sad tears*

I just discovered the best Potter Puppet Pals yet (in my humble opinion).

Neville's Birthday had me crying with laughter. It features everything you want in a youtube video. Cake, Naked Dumbledore, a heartfelt soliloquy of regret you name it. It even includes butternut squash and a foot with a drawing of Cedric Diggory's face on it.

And my second favourite Potter Puppet Pals is Snape's Diary. This is the one that gets me crying my sad tears. I do believe I love Snape as a character even more than I did before. My heart moves for you Snape! May you find your missing button and achieve happiness for the first time.

And since finally no post about PPP would be complete without it, here is the classic Mysterious Ticking Noise.

 My day shall now be spent singing/ quoting these vidoes. And then I shall know them by heart.


  1. *laughs so hard that she cries too*

    *hugs her Octa then cries and laughs some more*

    I love these videos Octa! XD They are so HYSTERICAL!!!
    Sorry it took me so long to respond. I could not watch these on my downstairs computer. :P

  2. "Children eating cake inside their mouths." ... I wish that hadn't made me imagine someone eating cake outside their mouths... ^^

    Poor Snape...

    ... and what does Hermoine do, moving around the naked Dumbledore like that?


  3. XD You seen the one about the Draco puppet? tis epic!