Monday, 20 February 2012

Sunshine and Starlight

So I was thinking about words. And how they rhyme. And how weird it is that you can take a long complicated (relatively) word such as adolescent and there are absolutely loads of words that rhyme with it (I found 15), yet for a simple little word like purple there are none to be found.
And from that this limerick was born. (And two others which are really bad because I was just cramming in words rhyming with adolsecent).

Sunshine and Starlight

There once was a young adolescent
Who went by the name of Rubescent
The shadows she’d shun
For the shine of the sun
And the glow of the stars luminescent


  1. Wow! What a way to turn a long diffucult-rhyming word into such a cool poem!


  2. Sweet and beautiful Octa! I am charmed by this lovely limerick! (even more charmed by the author) ;)

  3. That added a smile to my day, Octa :)


    Have you heard of Foyle's young poet of the year award? Tis an epic poetry competition- i got a commended for it two years ago, and got my poem published in a book :P Am going for it again this year. You might want to check it out?

    1. I have indeed heard of Foyle's Young poet of the year award. I applied for it last year but I failed to get published.

      However I will be trying again this year :)

      (The two poems I entered are on my blog (October 2011)- An Evening Disrupted and Final Days.

    2. :) Good luck for this year then!!

      Will go read em pronto.