Friday, 8 July 2011

The Poems That Had No Votes

Well the title is almost true. The first two poems got one vote each. But the rest had none.

Anyway enjoy the last 9 poems.

Poem 11- Lexicon Elixir (age 14)

Lexicon Elixir

I’m making a spectacular elixir
I’m using a vast lexicon
By the time I have finished the elixir
Most of the lexicon will be gone

I’ll start off nice and simple
But get ever more complicated
And by the time I’ve finished
You’ll be completely befuddled

My elixir shall have a box
Containing a fabulous paradox
And also winter’s equinox

Poem 14- Meteor- (age 14)


A flash of light enters the sky
As a rock with a blazing tale goes by
As a fiery rent breaks up the clouds
And a whistling sound is heard
A meteor

It’s surface is craggy with craters and hills
All burning with fire and lights
As they spread out behind it
In a rainbow of flames
A crackling inferno

And it shrinks as it travels
It gradually shrivels
To a rock
And it crashes into the Earth
With giant billows of dust
And expires

Poem 7- Finding a Nutterjack (age 14)- First in Nutterjack Quartet

Finding a Nutterjack

One day I found a Nutterjack
I don’t know what it is
But apparently I found one
As the poem says I did

Poem 18- Ode to a Nutterjack (age 14) Second poem in Nutterjack Quartet

Ode to A Nutterjack

I found another Nutterjack
To him I dedicate this ode
As I found out what a Nutterjack is
It’s simply a rare type of toad

Poem 31- The Nutterjack (age 14) Third poem in the Nutterjack Quartet

The Nutterjack

I keep on finding Nutterjacks
As this one brings it up to three
Instead of keeping it in a cage
I’ve let it roam wild and free

Poem 17- Nutterjacks Forever (age 14)- The final poem in the Nutterjack Quartet

Nutterjacks Forever

This is the last Nutterjack that I ever found
And with this I conclude all my odes
The Nutterjacks survived till the end of the world
And my next poem’s all about toads.

Poem 21- Poppies (age 14)


As the blood red poppies bob in the breeze
Sprinkled through the fields of corn
They are joyful and happy
Swaying in the dawn
Of the summer skies

The individual petals
Crimson like cherries
Form a flower
As beautiful as the prairies
From whence they came

Poem 24- Seven Wonders (age 14)

Seven Wonders

The Mausoleum of Maussollos
And down in Rhodes we’ve a Colossus
There is the Temple of Artemis
While Egypt has Great Pyramids
We’ve three more wanders that’s the truth
A statue of the Great God Zeus
We also have a great idea
A lighthouse in Alexandria
Our final wonder the very last one
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Poem 29- The Iceberg (age 14)

The Iceberg

Its sereneness and beauty is not what it seems
As it floats on a sea, crystal clear
As above it is white as a pearl, shining bright
But below it it chaos and fear

Let us take the unsinkable ship, (but it sank)
The ship that was known as The Titanic
It was steaming along with no fear in the world
Iceberg hits, and there’s terror and panic

So there you have it. Those are the 40 poems written before I joined the blog. You have now seen every poem I've ever written (sort of. Remember the 22 I'm not sharing? Yet.) I hope you had fun reading them all.


  1. I love them all! The Nutterjacks series is fun and delightful.
    All of them deserved high votes. These almost got some from me. But the choice you gave me was to hard. Thus *looks about shiftily*
    Maybe someday when you are famous, these poems can also be published. I'm sure once the whole world meets the purple poet, anything you do or have done will be treasured.

  2. I've loved every one of these. You're amazing, you know that?

  3. They're AMAZING!

    Shame on you all for not voting for these poems!

    *realises that she is one of them*

    ....oh. Right.

    *shuffles off*

  4. HEY! HE gave us onle TEN to vote for! Remember?
    Thus th eduel! I FOUGHT HARD FOR THESE!!!
    *turns into the incredible hulk*
    Where is the thanks I get?