Friday, 1 July 2011

5000 views (And 2 painful hours of formatting)

Well I've reached 5000 views! As many of you are aware due to losing my duel with Kallista on Derek's blog (comments 2401-2800) instead of only giving you 10 poems as a prize, I now have to post all 40 of them. But since many of you made a very hard decision in only choosing 10 and since 40 poems is too many for one blogpost I will post the poems in groups of 10 throughout this week. And the first 10 that I shall post will be the 10 poems that were most voted for. So here they are...


So there were 11 poems with 5 + votes so I'll let you have that extra one. In order of most voted here are the poems. Any spelling or grammatical mistakes are part of the poems and are there as I didn't spot them when I wrote them and won't remove them now to ensure you get the full experience of the poem from when it was written.

Poem 2- Ancient Wonders (age 14)

Ancient Wonders

Great triangles of stone
In desert sand
The biggest of them all
Still proudly stands

In Babylon, a wonderful garden
Appears to float in the air
Great fruit trees and wonderful flowers
Life itself does stop and stare

The Statue of Zeus is forbidding and tall
And made out of marble and bronze
It was carved with great care with ivory and love
With birds such as eagles and swans

The Temple of Artemis is our wander four
With doors made of wood and marble laid floors
And a wonderful library but oh what a shame
The temple’s destroyed now devoured by flame

The Mausoleum of Maussollos
Was a grand tomb
It was made of white marble
Carved with blossoms and blooms

The colossus of Rhodes, stood at 30 metres  tall
A statue of a god (name of Helios I recall)
The God of the sun, with his chariot in the sky
But along came an earthquake, I’m afraid it’s good bye

And last but not least we’ve a giant lighthouse
At the top there’s a giant ball of flame
While surrounded by mirrors that gleam in the light
It provides Alexandria a beacon of the night

Poem 25- Spy of Evil (age 14)

Spy of Evil

I am the villain’s chief head spy
I am his ears I am his eyes
Information I seek for him
So the world shall fall and he will win

That’s when I his spy shall strike
I’ll turn against him and take power
Betrayal and treachery alike
The time approaches hour by hour

I shall rule through time and space
The leader of my master race
Evil’s won good has retreated
Vanished, gone, it is defeated

I shall be master of creation
Evil Lord for ever lasting
None can beat me
I’m invincible
The world shall turn to ash

Poem 5- Epilepsy (age 14)


This tale I tell will give you a fright
And it starts in a house in the middle of the night
A boy was wandering round the house
As quiet as a quiet mouse
When suddenly he had a fit
His arms and mouth froze up a bit
He couldn’t walk or move or breathe
His legs and lungs began to freeze
He fell unconscious to the floor
His body see, was feeling poor
Now all of this is very bad
No wonder he was feeling sad
He felt bewildered and bemused
He felt quite puzzled and confused
Then suddenly it went away
And the boy slept on through night and day
And woke up in the afternoon
Not quite recovered from his swoon
The moral of this poem is
That epilepsy’s bad for kids

Poem 9- I wandered lonely as a fish (age 14) - Parody of Wordsworth's Daffodils

I wondered lonely as a fish

I wandered lonely as a fish
That swims along beneath the sea,
When all at once I saw a shark,
Who tried to eat me for his tea;
His teeth were sharp I was not brave,
As I thought about my watery grave.

Continuous as the grains of sand
That lie along the ocean floor,
They stretched in never-ending line
The teeth that filled his mouth galore:
I saw ten thousand in a row,
Gleaming with blood from his last foe.

The waves around him crashed; but he
Ignored them as he chased his prey:
A fish he could not but be scared,
The shark was on a killing spree:
I swam - and swam - but little thought
To how the shark made me distraught:

For often, when in the sea I swim
In vacant or in pensive mood,
The memory flashes upon my  eye
Reminding me what life includes;
And then my heart with relief fills,
The shark had made some different kills.

Poem 34- The Treacherous Brother (age 15)- A poem I wrote about Pyro when I was very very very mad at him. (Pyro- I'm truly sorry for writing this- as you know)

The Treacherous Brother
His selfish needs
And selfish deeds
Ensured his troubled life

And all his stuff
Was not enough
It only caused him strife

The boy will lie
And yell and cry
In order to pass the blame

His daily sin
A tale he’ll spin
And often enough without shame

To whine for more
He did ensure
That he would need another

No thoughts for friends
My poem ends
About my treacherous brother

Poem 4- Darkness (age 14)


Deep in the swirling void I dwell
I wield despair
I am the origin of hate
I am the source of grief and madness
But for me there’d be no war
I emanate evil and decay
I am the Lord of Darkness
My minions are pain and fear
I grow ever stronger
Sowing my dark seeds
I shall crush out light
And leave creation an ashen hell

Poem 8- I Dreamt About The World's Destruction (age 11)- My first published poem

I Dreamt About The World’s Destruction

The sky was dark, the clouds were grey,
The lightning crackled, the thunder boomed,
Everyone knew that they were doomed.
Suddenly, there was a swirling misty wind,
The grey space ship had come!
The door opened and the awesome
Gruesome monster appeared,           
And started to have fun!

It stormed around the village,
Destruction lay ahead,
All things that were alive, now lifeless and dead.
The town and then the country went up in smoke,
And soon all the continents,
And all the oceans, and their folk!

One awful night,
The monster’s mighty roar.
Was so, so loud, that I saw
The whole world split in two.
Then, the monster sped off, to destroy the moon.

I woke up, it was a dream,
But… then something made me scream.
The monster was rampaging round my bedroom!!!

Poem 22- Power of Ice (age 14)

Power of Ice

The spears of ice do freeze my brittle bones
With icy scree and shards of cold grey stones
Be midst the piles of snow and arctic wind
The bleak forbidding rock whispers harshly

Of secrets lost be midst the mists of time
Known only by the rock the snow the wind
Who tell to no one what they’ve known to years
While snow and ice mount up ‘gainst the frozen river

Poem 23- Sapphire (age 14)


This beautiful stone, shade of indigo blue
Glints in the light of the setting sun
Sending aquamarine rays to the left and the right
The stone’s made of fragments the colour of night

The stone’s set in gold with amethyst around
As the blue and the violet and purple combine
This beautiful thing as the stone starts to sing
Pure notes made of quartz
There is nothing so fine

Its crystalline splendour can only be found
Inside a volcano or deep underground
Where magma and gases explode with out sound
Forming a cherry red, fiery mound

Which smoulders and seethes for thousands of years
And the stone is cocooned in a veil of tears
As the mound cracks open with shards of white bone
To reveal this crystal, this marvellous stone

Poem 33- The Shark (aged 14)

The Shark

I met a terrifying shark
Although small, still was scary
The way it disembowelled it’s prey
It left me feeling queasy
He ripped the poor prey into shreds
It’s tender flesh went flying
The savagery of this attack
Left the prey wounded and dying

It’s innards flying through the air
A sopping pulpy mess
How many times this shark had done
This cruelty I can’t guess

The shark had eaten all he could
Leaving the prey in the rain
I’ll never look at a watermelon
In exactly the same way again

For all fruit and vegetables still in the dark
Please be aware of the vegetarian shark
For though he doesn’t still eat meet
He has retained his vicious teeth
For what could make a nicer meal
(Instead of fish and squid and eel)
Than rock hard cabbage and orange peel?

Poem 36- The Winkle Wonk (aged 10)- This is the first poem that I ever wrote that I still have a copy of. If there are any earlier poems then they do not survive and I don't remember writing them. So from the midst of time I present you with Octaboona's first ever poem.

The Winkle Wonk

One day I met a Winkle Wonk
I met him in the shops
He told me he was looking for some zweeny lollipops.
I said there were none here
As they grew above the skies
He said I thought they grew in trees
I use for chicken pies.
I said chicken pies were not made from trees
But from a little whistling sound which is known as the breeze.
Which won’t be invented until Wednesday next week
The Winkle Wonk sat down and cried
I thought on Wednesday next week
I’d find a blue and purple cow
But anyhow As a tear rolled down his cheek
I said that wasn’t possible
As cows are green
And bumblebee’s are pink
And at that he simply vanished
With his pets a rangle gangle
And a herd of kitchen sinks.
And this is the thing that puzzles me
As kitchen sinks aren’t pets
But the things you find on Friday at the doctors and the vets
And the rangle gangle hasn’t even been invented yet
I know this as I saw him on a flying jumbo jet.
And this is what confuses me
As kitchen sinks are just another name for zweeny lollipops
So if he had a herd of them already
Why did he go to the shops.

So here are your 11 most voted for poems. Please leave a comment below telling me what you thought of my early works.


  1. 1 person who thinks you are a genius!! Wow! Just wow!

  2. I LOVE ALL THESE POEMS! EPICA! I don't have time right now to share all all love about them. But I will come back.
    I will tell you that I REALLY had fun reading them. SOme made me laugh, some made me cry.
    But all of them amazed me! Thank you for posting these Octa. My only regret is that you had to endure two painful hours of getting this ready for us.
    *hugs Octa*
    So THANK YOU my dear friend!
    I hope you are getting rested now.

  3. OH MY GOD!!!!!! I feel like fan-girl gushing right now, but I won't. Probably.


    Personally, my favorite was the Sapphire. Which is strange, because they are like a complete opposite of rubies, but... I loved it.

    I also loved the Winkle Wonk. Confusing but still has that fun bouncy -ness. I loved it!!

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting these!!!!! It's so awesome!!! :D

  4. And YES! I do think you're a genius!!

  5. WOW Octa! LOVE all these! They're awesome!

    I think my favourite is The Winkle Wonk. It's so fun and utterly confusing to read!

    HUZZAH! The Purple Poet has Posted!

  6. Ok! So! After spending... 3 days trying to decide how to comment on this... I am writing something :o

    Well. I don't really think I need to tell you how epic your poetry is... again? Do I? Do I really?

    So. I have to say that I'm in love with the nonsense poems! The Winkle Wonk is awesome! I also really liked... Epilepsy. And... which other one... The Shark! :D

    You should SO write more nonsense/humorous poetry.

    Then... The serious descriptive stuff. So, I loved them all... Especially The Spy of Evil (It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one who went through a take over the world phase. :P ) and I wondered lonely as a fish! :D

    Now. This was a very long comment, brought to you by Quinnera Elviana!

  7. Oh my god!

    These are brilliant!

    I can't decide which is my favourite...they're all beautiful and unique in their own way...

    I'm actually quite glad Kal won 'cos now we get to see all 40 poems! YEEEEEAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!1


  8. Those were Amazing, Octa...
    Truly BRILLIANT!
    I loved every one of them! Some were funny and some were awesome, but they all really were awesome-sauce!
    Sorry, but I can't help but say, I'm SO GLAD YOU LOST THE BATTLE!!!!

    .... Yes, I'm an awful person :P

    These poems are just so PRICELESS, though, I can't help it! :D

  9. I like the one about the sapphire. ^^