Monday, 4 July 2011

More of Ye Olde Poems (But Less Painful Formatting)

Well here are 10 more poems that you voted for (3-4 votes).

Poem 19- Over the Edge- (age 14)

Over the Edge

A gushing torrent
Approaches the dizzying edge
The water falls
Foam and froth smash
Onto the icy rocks below
The majestic plunge
Of water
Falling and
Breaking on the rocks below
Is called a waterfall
A thing of icy beauty
But also
Of oblivion

Poem 27- Sunset (age 14)


The blood red orb is submerged in the horizon
Leaving a sky made of fire
With tendrils of orange and yellow and red
Filling the sky with colour

The colours slowly ebb away
Leaving the sky as red as blood
Until the sky is a dark crimson
With the trees standing, outlines in black

And the red grows frail
As it leeches away
Leaving a sky coloured indigo blue
With sparkling points – the stars

And the day ends
With sunset

Poem 35- The Tree (age 14)

The Tree

The tree was strong, the tree was brave,
Defeated not by knight nor knave
Sent many a warrior to his grave
A tree of mighty power.

T’was spoken of with fear and awe,
Along with stuff like dragon claw
Even the leaves could maim and maw
A tree of mighty power

The tree was tall, the tree was tough
The knotted bark was gnarled and rough
Its voice was menacing and gruff
A tree of mighty power

It’s blossoms were as black as tar
This tree was known from near and far
It’s roots were long and without mar
A tree of mighty power

Poem 37- Veni Vedi Visa (age 14)

Veni Vidi Visa

When General Julius Caesar
Conquered the town of Zeyli
He uttered the famous phrase
Veni Vidi Vici

The words must have been hard to find
Over which Caesar must have pondered
And wonder if he got it exactly right
With I came I saw I conquered

But when General Julius Caesar
Conquered the town of Giza
He uttered the not so well known words
Veni Vidi Visa

These words were very easy to find
And he’d just finished conquering Gaul
And what better words to open
Giza’s new shopping mall

For when these words are translated
And the grandeur has been dropped
The words appealed greatly to Caesar’s wife
I came I saw I shopped

Poem 3- Call of the Morning (age 14)

Call of the Morning

As the sun starts to rise o’er the horizon
And the flowers open up their petals
When the world is asleep but begins to awake
That’s when the bird song starts

As the birds in the trees start tweeting and singing
And the warbling notes emerge
As the long grass waves in the cleansing breeze
With the dew drops sparkling in the sun

Natural splendours
For those lucky enough
To experience
The Call of the Morning

Poem 6- Eye of the Storm (age 14)

Eye of the Storm

The stormy clouds part
The howling wind dies away
The flashing light flickers out
The torrent of rain drizzles off
As we enter the eye of the storm

While outside there is chaos
In here it is calm
Out side there’s disaster
In here peace holds sway
As this is the eye of the storm

In here it’s serene
On this gentle calm scene
And it seems it will stay so forever
But FLASH, BANG it’s gone
And chaos returns
As we exit the eye of the storm

Poem 10- Inferno (age 14)


A frenzy of sparks
Tongues of flame flickering into the night
A fiery storm of gold and red
Blazing fiercely, spitting tendrils of fire
A flickering dance of shadows
Surround the flaming sphere
And from the swirling wind of light and heat
A phoenix rises from it’s midst
Flaps its burning wings with breast of feathers red
And vanishes into the void of night
Leaving behind nothing but ashes

Poem 13- Lost for words (age 14)

Lost for words

I’m afraid my vocabulary isn’t extensive
My language isn’t richly filled
My writing makes me uncontented

My terminology is almost vacant
My jargon isn’t crammed to bursting
In fact I’m lost for words
What a paradox

Poem 15- Mud (age 14)


The crumbling earth is transformed into mud
That squelches as the people wade through
Up to their necks
The mud holds them fast
As the rain pours down from the heavens
Deep below the muddy boggy mess
So different from the dust it used to be
Barren and void
The earth is soft and moist
Fertile, a shoot pokes up through the ground
Delicate, it is crushed
By the thrashing travellers
As they sink beneath the surface
And the earth takes them back
To where they came from

Poem 20- Ozymandias (age 14)

Ozymandias King of Kings
Used to reign over everything

But that was a long time ago understand
His statue’s now broken and lost in the sand


  1. WOW Octa!! These are even better than the last ones! (I didn't know that could be possible.)

    I loved them all! Especially the sunset one. Beautifully done!

  2. BRilliant Octa! I loved them all. I can't believe you would not like any of these! Each one is a million times better then my best poem. I love the ones that are of natures beauty. This last one is short but made me laugh. :P I think it brilliant!
    They all are!
    *salutes him*
    Thank you for posting these!

  3. I am enjoying these so much. I'm really glad you have to post all of them. XD

  4. I love the first 2, Octa (not that the others aren't brilliant as well...)

    Amazing work, Octa!!!


  5. ~With a bid grin, points to Ann's comment~

  6. I really like the one about the pheonix. :)