Thursday, 7 July 2011

A Magic Beyond All We Teach Here

Well. This poem is for Quinnera and is in reply for a wonderful poem about me that she wrote.
This poem has many many references. In fact the poem is probably more reference than poem. I couldn't have fit in any more references if I tried (I know because I tried). Whoever can find all the references wins a prize! (You must quote the line and what it references to be eligible). There are 23 hidden away. Yes. 23. Anway I hope you enjoy it. (Well if you count the things being referenced to then there's only 22- one thing is refered to twice.)

A Magic Beyond All We Teach Here

I accept your gracious offer
Of this wondrous glorious flight
We will always be together
Through brightest day and blackest night

We’d soar throughout the stars
We’d visit every one
And the crimson sphere of Mars
Is where our trip had just begun

With that visit to Pigfarts
But we wouldn’t teach plain old wizardry
Let us teach the greater magics
Those of music and of poetry

Of course we’d ride upon the back
Of lion Rumbleroar
 Along with Albus Percival Wulfric
 Brian Dumbledore

No words can be more meaningful
Than Nitwit Blubber Oddment Tweak
Are any words more beautiful?
More moving? More oblique?       

Except for doorknob ankle cold
Those words are rather grand
Though I doubt that anybody else
Will truly understand

And of course we’d fly with golden wings
It’s the best way to glide
The only way to flutter
And the way with the most pride

We’d land upon that sandy shore
The Elvianic Coast
And dance amongst the fireflies
Where the petals are purpler than most

Differences in habit and language
Mean nothing at all
For both are hearts are open
And our aims identical

If you prick us we both bleed
And we both succumb to greed
Our little lives are both rounded with sleep
Our bounties are as boundless as the sea
Our love as deep
I wonder when we’ll meet again?
In thunder, lightning or in rain?

We’d visit the sapphire cascade
And the amaranth shore
The cities of Nuevo Maya
And many places more

For the sky is not the limit
When there are footprints on the moon
We can fly beyond the sun
To Empire Quetzal Acratoon

When you can have all with just a few words
It matters not the goal
It’s the journey that’s required
For the growth of mind and soul

So I’ll fly with you forever
To the cerulean ravine
Or the long abandoned towers
With their glowing pearly sheen

It’s our choices not abilities
That make us who we are
It’s the flying, not the poems
Elviana Quinnera

Though my skill with words is great
What matters more by far
Is I chose to be your partner
Who will soar to every star

My first name’s what I do
And my last name’s what I love
Therefore Poet Elviana
Is my actual name, my dove

If I’ve caused you to have doubts
No matter what I do
Remember then, my choice today
I chose to fly with you

For although an end is good to have
My dearest darling Quinn
Though our poems both are over
Let the journey now begin


  1. This is an Epica poem! A beautiful response to Quinn's poem. We really need them to be posted together!
    Bravo Octa!

  2. Such an awesome poem Octa! So funny and sweet. Truly epica!

  3. Hm. The references. I was going to post these in my last comment, but I was dragged away. I couldn't find them all, but here's what I DID find:

    "With that visit to Pigfarts" From A Very Potter Musical.

    "Nitwit Blubber Oddment Tweak" Dumbledore said that in one of the books after he said "I'd like to say a few words."

    "Except for doorknob ankle cold" It's from the Llama Song on Youtube (I have the whole song memorized...)

    "The Elvianic Coast" From your poem "The Elviana Shore"

    "The cities of Nuevo Maya" This was the subject of the book your OC was reading in the fifth part of your fanfic.

    "To Empire Quetzal Acratoon" Par of the title of the book your OC was reading in the fifth part of your fanfic.

    Well, that's nowhere NEAR 23, but that's what I have~

  4. "First Name's what I do, last name's what I love." -Starship ;D I only know that because I recently saw it.

    And yes, Doorknob Ankle Cold are really quite interesting words. Same with beverage, and Oliphant. And I'm not talking about the person.


    Headmaster Rumbleroar- Starkid, A very Potter musical!

    Same with "With that visit to Pigfarts"

    "The Elvianic Coast"- The Elviana Shore

    ...well, that's all I have!


  6. Thank you thank you thank you!!! :D Thank you so much for such a beautiful, wonderful, magnificent poem! I absolutely adore it! Thank you so much! XD It's the best poem ever (and puts mine to shame, but ah well. :P ).

    Anyway- the references... I have only found 17... So far... And half of them probably don't count... :P I will attempt to find more and return them to you :)

    1) “With that visit to Pigfarts” - AVPM
    2) “Of lion Rumbleroar”- AVPM
    3) “ Along with Albus Percival Wulfric/ Brian Dumbledore”- Harry Potter
    4) “Than Nitwit Blubber Oddment Tweak”- Harry Potter
    5) “Except for doorknob ankle cold”- Llama song
    6) “The Elvianic Coast”- The Elviana Shore
    7) ""And dance amongst the fireflies"- The Elviana Shore
    8) “If you prick us we both bleed”- The Merchant of Venice (Shakespeare)
    9) “Our little lives are both rounded with sleep”- The Tempest (Shakespeare)/My blog
    10) “Our bounties are as boundless as the sea/Our love as deep”- Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare)
    11) “I wonder when we’ll meet again?/ In thunder, lightning or in rain?”- Macbeth (Shakespeare)
    12) "The cities of Nuevo Maya"- The Science of Darkness
    13) "To Empire Quetzal Acratoon"- The Science of Darkness
    14) “It matters not the goal/It’s the journey that’s required”- Your musings...
    15) “My first name’s what I do/ And my last name’s what I love”- Starship
    16) “When there are footprints on the moon”- The Moon Landing (Not sure if this really counts…?)
    17) “Through brightest day and blackest night”- Green Lantern (why no, I didn’t just google it… :P But only that one! Promise! Well- I was getting desperate... :P)

    THE END!

    Thank you again, it's an absolutely brilliant, lovely, fantastic, beautiful poem :)

  7. Hmm...

    Well the only one of those 17 that I didn't have was number 7. I could count it but then there would be 24. And two or three references you found but I'm actually refering to something else. It is interesting that they refer to the things you refer them too. :)

  8. Ok. So I'm going to include number 7. Because I can... So some other ones I found... (with a little of your help. But only a little. :P)

    18) "A Magic Beyond All We Teach Here"- Harry Potter (Dumbledore once described music as "A magic beyond all we do here")
    19) "Let us teach the greater magics/Those of music and of poetry"- Harry Potter (Ditto)
    20) "Differences in habit and language/Mean nothing at all/For both our hearts are open/And our aims identical"- Harry Potter (more words of Dumbledore)
    21) "It’s our choices not abilities/That make us who we are" - Harry Potter (even more words of Dumbledore)
    22) "For although an end is good to have"- Some famous quote, methinks. After another google I get Ursula K. LeGuin- “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end”
    23) "If I’ve caused you to have doubts"- Well. Life. And my poem "I Hope Your Happy" (but I only got that because you told me)
    24) "We’d visit the sapphire cascade"- Dr Who (episode Midnight)
    25) "And of course we’d fly with golden wings"- Loss of Hiashiness

  9. Well those are all the references!


    Although I have different reasons for 14, 16 and 17.

    14) A quote from Eldest by Christopher Paolini
    16) A quote by Melody Houssaini from series 7 of The Apprentice
    17) A quote from the civil war letter Kallista posted on TEGI

    But since you found all the references you win the prize!

    A part in my fanfic!