Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Let's Learn Biology Through Fairytales!

So a while back I wrote some poems for a friend to help remember their Biology notes.

Here is the best one.

I will post the others later when not so rushed.

N.B Ummm these may be funnier if you take Biology A Level. Nevertheless enjoy!

Hansel and Heart Disease

Hansel and Gretel were walking through the wood
Leaving behind a trail of crumbs like all good children should
When they found a little house that made them stop and stare
A house made out of sweets and cakes. A house beyond compare.
They broke and ate a windowsill and nibbled a light switch
When Hansel and Gretel were captured by a witch.
Who being sort of evil
And in the mood for a munch
She threw them in the oven
And ate them up for lunch.
Yet H and G
Were fat you see
And full of cholesterol
And also lipoproteins
Of which they contained several
And so the woman
With a horrible persona
Quickly developed an atheroma
Which lead to a thrombus
In the coronary artery
But our tale ends happily
Because the witch
That horrid bitch
She died of CHD

More to follow soon including the Three Little Pigs and the Perils of Lung Diseases


  1. LOL You never fail to amaze and delight me Octa! You may get tired of hearing this, but it's true and very true in this case. YOU ARE SO BRILLIANT! Your friend is SO LUCKY to have you for a friend. (I'm luckier and more blessed! YAY)
    And to think you snuck on to post this! YAY! My darling daredevil!
    It seems everything you do is epic dear Octa!
    Thank you for posting this Octa!
    (If I ever make it into Biology A Level I will be sure to keep this marvelous poem handy)
    Can't wait to read the others Octa!

  2. *wishs she had to learn that instead* *returns to her own biology notes*

  3. *casually links brother to poem* :D

    This is hilarious. Even though he's not learning about this right now, I still think Rupert'll get a kick out this poem.

  4. Wow, Octa! This is AMAZING!!
    *Casually memorises this poem for the test on Tuesday*

    Funny, Clever and well-written! This is FANTASTIC!