Monday, 30 January 2012

Signed Books and Pacman Fingernails

So a week ago my signed SP books from Friend Get Friend arrived. I thought I'd wait for book 6 to arrive but it hasn't yet and I just must post this now because impatience.

Tom Percival's covers are so pretty!

Signature One. Derek's signature is much more squiggly than I expected.

Signature Two. Pretty similar to signature one. But the Skulduggery doodle is a little cuter don't you think?

Signature Three. The Derek squiggle slants up the page! (It's difficult to find differences when they're all the same okay!)

Signature Four. Ummm...

Signature Five. At last. A real difference. Skuldugerry is holding a card saying hi to me!

SECRET BONUS STUFF! An awesome signed postcard

Yes that is a watch. Yes it does have the SP logo on it.
*fangirl screams*


Also there was a girl is school today with pacman fingernails. The thumb was pacman and each of the fingers was one of the different coloured ghosts. It was awesome.


    *giggles at the SP with the sign*
    *drools over the watch and books*

    *eyes Octa's adorable hand in the pic then sneaks a kiss*

    *writes down on list of things that impresses Octa*
    Paceman fingernails.

    *wonders what he was doing looking at another girl's hand*

    *giggles some more*

  2. Also for anyone who noticed in the last picture that IS a doodle of 3-ethylpentane on the table. That's the stuff I doodle. :P

  3. What? There is a doodle?
    *manages to tear her eyes away from his hand and gazes at his artwork* NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE! XD
    Such an EPICA doodle! YAY!

  4. I got my books too! They're so awesome.

    The Skulduggery with the sign made me laugh xD

    Also. Pacman fingernails = awesomeness.

  5. YAY!

    I does have a picture of them. Although I probably shouldn't put it up without permission. Again it is on facebook. But then again my blog isn't facebook.

    So I guess I should ask.

  6. WOW OCTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is so cool. I am utterly jealous at the moment.
    I got up to book 6 signed by Derek in person and he drew a little skulduggery each of them too! oh and a little mini-derek on the 6th one as well :P

    But the signed poster!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AND the watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If I had an SP watch, I would actually wear it all the time. Constantly. Well, maybe not in the shower but otherwise CONSTANTLY.

    Awesomeness :D
    And pacman fingernails - just too amazing!

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