Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Fault In Our Stars- John Green's Best Book Ever

So two days ago I recieved TFIOS. I had read it within hours. Such a fantastic book. Almost made me cry. If it was like a whole book series and you knew the characters for longer I'd definately have cried. But then after reading I've spent a long time just looking at the amazing signature (and yes smelling it too-don't judge me! Also don't smell Sharpies, I wouldn't advise it...).

So here is that signature for you all to marvel over.


  1. JUST PURE EPICNESSS OCTA! XD *hugs him tightly*
    *starts to marvel over the book but ends up marveling over Octa instead*

  2. *starts spluttering and flailing*


    *stares longingly at the picture*

    Like a complete idiot, I didn't preorder a copy, and so I've been waiting all week to get it. But I'm so excited. John Green is a master story teller, and the thought of finally getting this book has me on the edge of my seat in anticipation.

  3. I WANT IT!!!! *drools*

    I just finished an Abundance of Katherines and am about to start Looking For Alaska... TOO MANY BOOKS.

    I don't even know why I didn't pre order it... Probably because I've never read a John Green book before and wasn't certain about the level of epicness. :(

    Ah well, instead I found out that I have two more Nerdfighters in my year!


  4. Well I am one of two Nerdfighters in my year that I know of.


    Also don't drool over my lovely book. *hides book protectively* My favourite John Green books in order of EPICness would have to be...

    1. The Fault In Our Stars
    2. An Abundance of Katherines
    3. Looking For Alaska
    4. Paper Towns
    5. Will Grayson Will Grayson

    Well the last three I just put in alphabetical order. I couldn't choose. The only reason An Abundance of Katherines is second is because of the footnotes. I LOVE FOOTNOTES SO MUCH!

  5. Hmm... After I finish Alaska, I think I'm going to read the Hunger Games (I want to read it before the film). And then I'll probably read Paper Towns, Will Grayson and TFiOS. Plus my ongoing reading of Sherlock Holmes (I swear, I'm obsessed, or something :P ).

    And footnotes? xD You should read Heartbeat. It's not AMAZING, but it is really rather good. It's a story in poems and footnotes, basically :'D And there are shoes involved. And apples. And more footnotes. In fact, I'm fairly sure there's a poem on footnotes. :D

  6. I will indeed read it.

    Is the problem Derek mentioned on his blog the one I'm having.

    I thought it was a problem with my laptop not the actual blog. I am unable to load the page of most blogs (bar this one)- unless I access it through my dashboard. Thus not being able to comment on stuff.