Sunday, 8 January 2012

Ail Era

Well. Happy New Year! I wrote another poem. Not sure how it'll be recieved. Please note that I'm really not trying to preach through it. I was simply reflecting over some experiences from Poland amongst other things. There may be a moral hidden in all the tangles of words. I don't know. I hope that nonetheless you enjoy.

Ail Era

(Accepting Individuality. Loving Everyone. Respecting All.)

All men are created equal.
I disagree.
Nobody wants equality.
Who would want to be the same?
Devoid of uniqueness, your talents, your name?

You claim that everyone deserves the same rights.
Indeed this is a worthy cause, the aim of many fights.
Yet we do not want equality, this thought let me dispel
All men should not be treated equal. All men should be treated well.

We live in an era of ail
Of trouble, affliction and strife
We hang by a thread, if we fall, end up dead
As we balance on the edge of a knife.

For we all have our own preconceptions.
And we scream “Why don’t you understand?
That this item I love
(Be it book, film thereof)
Is the best thing to grace the whole land."

And for those who don’t like
The item we adore
Their opinions on matters
We start to ignore.

For they’re wrong about this.
So they’re wrong about that.
And the others of their creed
Well they also fall flat.

And thus creeps in prejudice
Bias and hate.
For a race or religion,
A nation, a state.

For we don’t recognize
That the thing that we admire
Does not necessarily others

And others don’t realise
This plain boring thing
Means so little to them
But for us worshiping
This book, or this film,
Or this person is standard
And those who do not
Well for us, they have slandered.

So you worship one god
I worship another
Why does this mean
My belief
You must smother?

For this path, oh this path
If we walk down it further
We end up in genocide

Yet this era of ail
Need not mean distressed
Instead we can change it
To one that means blessed.

For if we strive to accept
Each others’ individuality
And try to love everyone
Respect all personalities.

Then we take the first step
To an era of peace.
To immortal humanity
Where violence may cease.

And so it is that I can hope
That if I try and change.
To come back better than before
From this a strange yet common shore
That I’ll be part of the exchange
Of limits for perfection.
Yet is this what we really want?
Or is it but a tempting dream?
And are we always doomed to scream?
I’ll leave it to reflection.


  1. Amazing and beautifully written Octa. *hugs tightly*
    To write such a poem is incredible, to be able to fit all that in in a poem. I don't think I would be able to ever achieve such a thing.
    It is such a thought provoking poem Octa and deserves to be re-read over and over and pondered.
    EPICA My genius boy!
    I love it and I love you.

  2. A very moving poem, Mr Octaboona :) Thought provoking, and although I'm sure Karl Marx would disagree with you, I think it is beautiful.

    The best poems are the ones which make you rethink parts of your life, for me anyway. (Have you read that one about the red dress... "What Women Want" I believe the name is? Poems like that- they make you think.) And you, Mr Octaboona have achieved such a thing!

    Epicsauce poem :D

  3. No one has ever mentioned Karl Marx in a comment about one of my poems before. I find it incredibly awesome for some unknown reason.

    Also I find the new comment system slightly weird.

  4. But I do like the fact you can edit your comments after posting now.

    1. The new comment system irks me. I don't know... Its probably just that they've changed the line spacing and it looks awful. That and it's impossible to chat on the blog anymore. :(

      And really? I should mention famous philosophers in the comments of your poems more often ;P

    2. Indeed! That applies to everyone! Mention famous people (let's not restrict ourselves here :P) and what you suppose their opinions on my poems would be. I just get this little kick out of it. (Hehehehe)

  5. hmm. well, since it's edgar allen poe's birthday, i decide that he highly approves of your poem. YAY.

    (I also approve of this poem, so more yay.)