Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Friends of Ann Marie

Well this is supposed to be cute. It may just have ended up as being a little strange. Either way I hope you enjoy!

The Friends of Ann Marie

Once on a farm was a kind, loving mother
She always was friendly and nice to another
And one sunny day, as clear as can be
She went for a stroll did our dear Ann Marie

And whilst she was walking, beneath sky so blue
She found herself followed by husband Andrew
And the two of them stopped by the shade of a tree
The husband named Andrew and dear Ann Marie

And they walked and they walked until whom should they meet?
As they heard the small patter of two sets of feet
For their daughters had joined them, now who can we see?
Two daughters and Andrew and dear Ann Marie

The girl called Leona was running ahead
And Rocket Star followed whilst eating some bread
When they both met a cow, as white as can be
Who said “Is there room on the journey for me?”

“Of course!” they all cried and the cow left the green
And followed behind them, all moo-some and clean
And they walked and they walked, now who can we see?
A cow, two girls, Andrew and dear Ann Marie

Now the family of four (not forgetting the cow)
Were soon to bump into a pink mother sow
Who grunted and snorted and asked Ann Marie
Is there space on the stroll for a piggy like me?

“Of course!” they all cried and the pig left the sty
And followed behind them beneath the blue sky
And they walked and they walked, now who can we see?
A pig, cow, two girls, Andrew and Ann Marie

And then who’d have guessed, they bumped into a horse
A horse is more fun than a tractor, of course.
Who whined and shivered, and asked Ann Marie
“Could I just tag along, I’d be great company!”

“Of course!” they all cried and the horse left its hay
 And followed the group, on this fine sunny day
And as they were walking, just who can you see?
A horse, cow, pig, Andrew, two girls, Ann Marie

And at last as the journey was starting to end
Ann Marie met with a great, special friend
His name is Firenze, he’s a wonderful goat
 And the words sounded funny, when they came from his throat

“If it isn’t a bother” then he jumped past a stream
Would you mind if you bought me some strawberry ice cream?
“No trouble at all!” they all laughed with glee
A goat, and a pig, and a cow, let me see
A horse, two girls, Andrew and dear Ann Marie


  1. *nods slowly* surreal...

    like a childs song. Perhaps she'll sing it to her kids ^^


  2. Wonderful, Octa! This is a perfect poem for our lovely Ann.

  3. *applaudes enthusiasticly* I LOVE IT! SO sweet and perfect for our ANN!! WOOOOOOOOT! Such a delightful happy poem! EPICA!
    *hugs her purple poet*

  4. Octa that was AMAZING
    Pure JEPICA
    That my dear Octa is just Awesome. I love the Goat at the End :)

  5. Awww! That was so sweet and funny and just Awww!!

    I'm going read my children this story, then they'll tell their own children, and the tales of Octaboona the Purple Poet will be passed down in history.

    And then one day I'll look back, and wonder "Why on earth were we so utterly INSANE?"

    ...sorry, what?

  6. :P Cute. And the previous poem, that was epica also :)

  7. Oh My Dog. I haven't signed into blogger in days, and I find this!


    Thank you, dear Octa! You are splendid in every way.


  8. :) Epic!! Just EPIC octa!!

    beautiful in every way xx