Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A Princess of Midnight

Well this poem is for Isabella Midnight. You don't mind being an icy vampire princess do you? Enjoy!

A Princess of Midnight

In mountain peaks of Ireland
In midnight dusky wood
A wistful brooding princess
Devoid of human good

With eyes so melancholy
And pale vampiric skin
A mind so dark and vicious
A form skeletal thin

She waits in the welcome darkness
For a man from foreign lands
A cool, ice hearted creature
With cold immortal hands

She bathes in herbs and poisons
Hemlock and deadly nightshade
For glowing skin and purple eyes
From death is beauty made

A face forever youthful
With lips so black and red
And blood stained pointy teeth
A woman eternally dead

Her name is Isabella
She once was a black veiled bride
And now she walks in silence
With her lover by her side

A pale and icy princess
A dweller of the night
A burning love now frozen
By snows of time so white

She waits awake forever
With eyes that never weep
For the clasp of death eternal
And a never coming sleep


  1. Thanks Octa!

    Truly great Octa, like all your poems! And no, I do not mind being a vampire princess! I am a princess still :P Brilliant!

  2. FTW SO BRILLIANT! This is both lovely and haunting! Just as all your other poems have,this one also has this wonderful magical quality to it. Your poems make it so just reading one time is never enough. Each one is so delightful and full of wonder. This one is another treasure! Well done Octa! BRAVO!!! I LOVE IT!

  3. *claps*

    Another amazing poem, Octa!