Sunday, 22 May 2011

Iridescent Indigo

So I promise that you'll have a poem atleast once a month. By month I mean a post in each of the twelve months which timewise could be a wait of two months. (1st May and 30th June). That's a poem in each month but with a two month wait. Anyway I had no poem for May so I wrote this. Enjoy!

Iridescent Indigo

A blot of deepest night ripples
Waves of luminescence flit across its surface
An orb of exquisite cerulean
Hangs silently in the heart of a diamond
Revolving gently in a crinkled crystal
A soul of iridescent indigo
Pulses in its perfect prison
Alone in a sphere of light solidified

An empty shell,
The husk of a human heart
A vacant body, a blank stare
Left abandoned in a ring of standing stones
It lies against the henge
A mindless automaton

A throb of violet
Wrenched from its home
Pulled screaming from its owner
To this callous cage
A cascade of thought gushed from the mouth
Of the Purple Poet
Draining his dreams
Consuming his mind
Ravishing his soul
Ransacking his words
Draining the poet dry

Emotions, opinions, consciousness
Gushing from every orifice
In clouds of purple vapour
A twisting, swirling tendril
Convivial, melancholy,
Fanatical, piquant
Mellifluous and dissonant
The sentient matrix of life
Stolen and incarcerated
Into a gleaming globe

The Purple Poet screamed
As the light made liquid
The wind made solid
Coalesced into his soul
Of iridescent indigo
Unable to laugh or to cry
To feel fear, or anger or hatred
Even to see, to touch, to taste
To hear birdcall or smell freshly mown grass
Transfixed in the core of a giant engulfion
Siphoning his memories
Imbibing his talent
Quaffing his sweat and tears
Guzzling his blood

Silence fell
As the last drop of ambrosia
Plundered from the wreck of
The Purple Poet
Joined the lavender agglomeration
Of the soul snatcher
As the Purple Poet finally succumbed
To the passionate ecstasy
The aphrodisiacal desires and amorous needs
The voluptuous concupiscent fantasises
Of the Nightmare Child


  1. Tristessa here!
    Brilliant, as always!!! :D Very sad, but no one can do sad as beautifully as you can... I love your poetry, Octa!!!!! XDDDD Fantastic!!!!!!

    But Octa... why must you die in your poem? 'Tis most upsettening D: However, since it is a new poem, and it's is mindbreakingly aswesome and supermegafoxyawesomehot, you are forgiven :P

    So very descriptive though... Beautifully sad.... :)

  2. WHOA! EPICA!!!!
    I am constantly blown away by your ability to write extrodinary poetry Octa! This is incredible! It's terrible and beautiful at the same time! Beautiful words telling of terrible and awesome things.
    It's wonderful and exciting to be able to read another poem by the Great Purple Poet, Octaboona!
    Thanks for posting Octa. :D

  3. Octa. Here is a comment to you that was posted to you on TEGI by Hellboy.


    I finished writing up the Blogger's Epic Dictionary!

    Can you please put it in side bar on TEGI? I'll post it here so you can just copy+paste, but not until you answer back to this comment-i don't want anyone to read it yet, it'll spoil it.

    I've posted this comment at my blog as well, in case you missed it.

    19 May 2011 06:39

  4. Yay! More poems!!!!!! :-D
    Octa wow this is so awesome!!!! xD
    I wish you didn't die...
    *writes fanfic about poem in which the Purple Poet gets rescued* :D

  5. LOL We all should write a short fanfic where the purple poet does not die but gets rescued! Then Octa can pick out his favorite. It can be a contest!

    (when he is finished with his dreaded exams of course)


    *shakes her head*

    just STOP DYING!


  7. Oooo woah! Creepy!

  8. Oh yeah. I died in the last poem too.

    Well I expect its just a phase I'm going through.

    *glares at exams*