Monday, 30 May 2011

Broken Promises

After months and months and months of not writing this, I have infact written it.

It is extremely long overdue and I don't think it be very good but I hope you all enjoy.

Broken Promises

I promised I would be there for you
But I was not.
I swore to make you happy.
But I did not.
I tried to write this poem for you.
But I could not.
Empty words.
Broken promises.

Alex sighed.
A quiet, studious person
Passing constantly unnoticed
Through the bustle of life.
Patiently he waited
And waited
A good friend, supportive
Loyal and smart.
Yet quiet, too quiet
Nobody seemed to care
About his existence
He longed for recognition
For the girl of his dreams
Yet her heart belonged to lesser people
The brash, the bold, the unkind.
And black despair rose up
A great gush of anguish
Threatening to overwhelm him
A great vast emptiness
An abyss of hopelessness
As the desolation seeps through his soul.

Yet a spark of hope flares
Fuelled by his friendship
The ones who care, who notice
The encouragers.
The ones who whisper
To take a stand, to have a voice
We’ll always be with you
Eternal and unshakable.
We’re there in the darkness
We’re there in the light
In the heart of despair
And the flowers of joy.

And Alex smiles
He has his friends and his dreams
His elegant imagination
And Necros Nightbane

And I know as a fact
That Alex won’t fall
But burst into the world
And then dazzle us all.


  1. Oh my god, Octaboona this is amazing!
    No joke im tearing up,
    simply beautiful poem,
    by the master poet himself!

  2. This is a remamrkable poem and perfect for our dear Alex. I hope he takes this poem to heart. I am already dazzled by him and his stories.
    Thank you for posting yet another extrodinary poem Octa. You gift is GENIUS!
    EPICA poem for an EPICA Alex. Written by EPICA Octa.

  3. Epica as usual!

    I'm NEVER disappointed on this blog! Your writing tells incredible tales!


    I need MOAR!

  4. ...That's so beautiful, Octa