Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Elviana Shore

Oh my dear god. This is so sad. I'm welling up already. And I haven't even posted it yet. Based upon The Courtship of the Yonghy Bonghy Bo I give you The Elviana Shore.

The Elviana Shore


On the coast of Elviana
Where the fireflies do glow
Wanders Tristessa Murano
From a time so long ago
Memories and lost possessions
Fevered longing and obsessions
For a distant Purple Poet
Though the Poet didn’t know it
For a distant Purple Poet
Weeps Tristessa Murano
Weeps Tristessa Murano


Once whilst standing by the coastline
Where the fireflies do glow
To a long forgotten library
Came Tristessa Murano
There she looked amongst its treasure
For the book that gave her pleasure
Sound of Silence was its name
And Tristessa felt the pain
For that sad and lonely name
Thought Tristessa Murano
Thought Tristessa Murano


‘Sound of Silence!’ ‘Sound of Silence!’
Where the fireflies do glow
"Tell me why you have to be here!"
Cried Tristessa Murano
"Why do you make me remember
Of that Poet from December?"
And she sat upon the shore
And she listened to the roar
Of the ocean on that shore
Heard Tristessa Murano
Heard Tristessa Murano


On the coast of Elviana
Where the fireflies do glow
Is a long abandoned memory
And Tristessa Murano
"You can take my lost possessions!
Fevered longing and obsessions!"
Staring up into the sky
Tristessa began to cry
As she stared into the sky
Screamed Tristessa Murano
Screamed Tristessa Murano


And her memory answered sadly
And his tears began to flow
I’m so sorry dear Tristessa
Dear Tristessa Murano
I would visit you most gladly
(And he wept there, almost madly)
But I don’t know where you are
Left abandoned somewhere far
No I don’t know where you are
Dear Tristessa Murano
Dear Tristessa Murano


And Tristessa looked around her
Where the fireflies do glow
And the memory had vanished
Where it went she did not know
And she fled the library moaning
For her Poet she was groaning
And his absence pierced her heart
And it tore her world apart
And she felt her broken heart
Sighed Tristessa Murano
Sighed Tristessa Murano


Though her hair was soft and silky
And her eyes a violet glow
Though her cloak was crimson coloured
And her father’s, Mateo
Still she longed for that one night
When she fell into the light
Of the Purple Poet’s laughter
And the happy ever after
Of that glorious cheerful laughter
Dreamt Tristessa Murano
Dreamt Tristessa Murano


Down the shore of Elviana
Raced Tristessa Murano
And she swam into the bay
Of the archipelago
Through the calm and silent sea
Did Tristessa swim and flee
As she left behind the shore
Left behind for ever more
Did she leave that wistful shore
Went Tristessa Murano
Went Tristessa Murano


Through the azure darkened ocean
Where no fireflies do glow
Back towards her distant homeland
Swam Tristessa Murano
To her precious heart’s desire
And her eyes gleam with a fire
That lit up her very soul
And it filled her being whole
Did the fire in her soul
Flood Tristessa Murano
Flood Tristessa Murano


On the coast of Elviana
Where the fireflies do glow
In a swirl of purple petals
Which fell from the sky like snow
Came the long forgotten Poet
Though Tristessa did not know it
And the Poet did declare
“Yet again she is not there”
Yes the Poet did declare
For Tristessa Murano
For Tristessa Murano


  1. OH! This is so beautiful and tragic! I love it. I am enchanted by it.
    BRAVO Octa!

  2. Octaboona Ambrosius. I am crying so much right now. This absolutely beautiful. I love it so much. Thank you very very much. It's a brilliant poem, amazing, outstanding poem. I'm having difficulty putting this into words. I can't thank you enough, Octa.

    THANK YOU FOR SUCH A BEAUTIFUL AND BRILLIANT POEM!!!! *hugs Octa* Thank you soooooooooo much :D

  3. Oh. My. Goodness!

    This is so beautiful and enchanting!

    Right now it's raining here, with really dark clouds blocking the sun...

    ....but when I'm with u guys, it lights up again!

    (ok, I know it's cheesy.... ;P )

  4. This is brilliant! It's beautiful! I absolutely adore it :) And I love that the shore has now been named after me... :P Well, Tessa did help me choose the name... :D

    But anyway. I am in love with this poem. WELL DONE!!! XDDDD

  5. :o
    Woooow.... that was fantastic.....
    I think it has to be my absolute favorite, Octa! Amazing Derektastic-ness and awesome-sauce incarnate!!